The virtues of linen for your sleep

The virtues of linen for your sleep

Linen is the oldest textile in the world, several thousand years BC, linen was a symbol of light and purity and was used to wrap Egyptian mummies. In the 12th century, linen was used to make canvases thanks to a unique process allowing a very fine weaving. In the 20th century, flax was revived, 90% of it was used for the textile industry and 10% for the automobile industry and eco-construction.

Flax is a prestigious fibre, silky and produced in small quantities, its fibres are the longest of all natural materials. It is grown in Western Europe, France, Belgium and the Netherlands account for more than 80% of world production.

The qualities of linen

It is environmentally friendly and made from a natural fibre. Flax requires little water and no chemical fertilizers, this fiber is ultra resistant and requires 5 times less pesticides than cotton. The transformation of the plant into yarn takes place through natural and non-chemical processes, and all the constituents of flax are biodegradable!

It is absorbent, linen can absorb 20% of moisture without appearing damp, it is ideal for summer clothing as it does not leave any traces of perspiration and dries quickly. It ensures good air circulation between the fibres and lets the skin breathe perfectly.

It is thermo-regulating, it offers a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth in winter, so it is ideal for the composition of bed linen.

It is anti-allergic, it is a healthy material that does not cause any skin irritation. It could even accelerate the healing of certain skin diseases. Flax also has natural anti-bacterial properties, so it does not need to be treated.

It is resistant, does not lint or warp. As it is washed, it becomes softer and softer without getting damaged. Linen is very easy to care for, stain resistant and machine washable.

Linen sheets promote sleep! Scientifically, it has been proven that sleep is more restful in linen sheets, sleep is deeper, the time to fall asleep is shorter, the number of awakenings is lower, there are fewer changes of position... So why wait any longer before you fall for a linen duvet cover?!