Customer account

  • How to create a customer account?

To place an order, it's very simple, just create your customer account on our website - My account - I create my account and fill in your customer file step by step in order to provide us with your delivery and contact information.

  • What if I have lost my password?

  • You can then click on the "Forgotten Password" link and enter your email address so that it can be reset.

  • How do I add another delivery address?

In your customer area, you can add several delivery addresses, very useful if you want to make a gift.

After logging into your account, you click on "My Personal Information", and "My Delivery Addresses" and then you can add a delivery address.

  • Can I change my order?

We do not accept order changes, so be sure to check your order carefully.

Shipping & Returns

  • I have not received my order, what should I do?

    If you want to know the status of your order, you can track it using the tracking link received by email when it was shipped.

    If the information provided seems unclear to you, you can contact our Customer Service at the following e-mail address: or by phone 02 41 93 93 76 59.

  • I'm not here on the day of delivery, what should I do?

    You are waiting for your delivery but you have to be absent, you can contact our Customer Service at the following email address: or by phone 02 41 93 93 76 59 which can either postpone your delivery or offer you to deliver your package to a neighbour.

  • I have received a broken or damaged product, what should I do?

    During delivery, you notice that your item is defective, or damaged, we invite you to contact our Customer Service by phone at or by email

    For your information, you have a legal time of 15 minutes to check your package, do not hesitate to check your package upon receipt.

  • I opened my package but I am missing an item, what should I do?

    When opening your package, if you notice a missing item, immediately contact our customer service by email or by phone at

  • What reservations can I have about the product?

During your delivery, you can make reservations about the product if it is damaged.

Be careful, do not make any reservations on the packaging, this has no legal value.

Reservations must be made on the content and not the container.

Kadolis Products

  • Where are the products sold on manufactured?

    The products are manufactured in Europe.

  • What are the certifications and on which Kadolis products do they apply?

All Kadolis brand products are Oeko-Tex certified

  • There is a smell on my Coco-latex mattress, what should I do?

    If you notice an odour on your Coco Latex Mattress, we advise you to remove the cover, air it 24 hours to 48 hours and wash the cover at 30° (no tumble dryer).