Check that the Baby bed complies with European standards

To choose a good baby bed, first and foremost check that the bed you want to buy meets the European standard for Baby beds: EN716. The main points verified by this standard are:

the spacing of the bars of the crib, which must be between 4.5 and 6.5 cm,
The internal height between the mattress and the edge of the bed which must be at least 60 cm,
The stability of the bars
The maximum distance of 6 cm between the slats of the bed base
Smooth paint without the risk of splinters or scales (Kadolis recommends special baby paints with less chemical compounds)
The corners should be rounded. To avoid any risk of accident

Choosing the Right Bed Size

In France, 2 bed sizes are most often marketed: 60x120 cms and 70x140 cms. Baby cots in size 70x140 cms are most often scalable, ie you can remove the sides with the bars and replace them with sides like a side rail (as on a large bed). The main advantage of the bed 70x140 cms is that it is possible to use it longer, up to the 5 years of the child, instead of 2 years and a half / 3 years for the bed in 60x120 cms. Some brands (eg Childwood) offer the Baby bed directly with the conversion kit with the side rails.
Choose a baby bed whose bed base is adjustable in several positions (at least 3).

This is the case of all cribs offered on

Kadolis does not recommend baby cribs with plexiglass sides because of the resonant effects of baby crying, which increase the stress of Baby and therefore his crying.
Always prefer a slatted bed base for your baby's bed