Improve baby's sleep

Every parent dreams of a baby who sleeps at night, doesn't cry to fall asleep, a child who spends peaceful nights recovering from long learning days, but do you know that you can influence the quality of your child's sleep? here are some tips that can help improve baby's sleep.

No rush, we're trying to be patient!

During the first four months of your baby's life, she doesn't know the difference between day and night, some mothers are luckier than others, but it's a happy coincidence that their baby prefers to sleep at night and not during the day, so you shouldn't and can't force your baby to sleep during the first few months, but you can help her in recognizing day and night by leaving the shutters open when she takes a nap during the day, so she will tend to sleep less than at night when she does

Be zen

If you are stressed about sleeping, chances are that your child will feel this stress and refuse to fall asleep, so try instead to set up a bedtime ritual that will relax everyone, take advantage of the bath to spend a pleasant moment with your baby, after the bath try to massage your child to relax and prepare them for sleep, don't rush to bed in the hope of spending a quiet evening, tell them a story or sing them a lullaby to fall asleep in their beds.

Give him some pointers

Help your baby to better identify the time of evening and therefore sleep, when bedtime arrives, use softer lights (or turn down the dimmers) and lower the sound level (TV, music, conversations) to create a cozy atmosphere, avoid stimulating your child before going to sleep, no question of tickling just before going to bed, this is not the time to do so! avoid yelling at the older child who does not want to clean his room ! On the other hand, let more light into his room in the morning

Take care of the layout of your room

To create an environment conducive to rest and quality sleep, the baby's room must be tidy because it is very difficult to rest in the middle of the disorder, avoid toys lying around, adopt a bin system to make it easier to store, the cot must not be overrun with stuffed animals, only one is allowed to sleep with baby: his cuddly toy, all the others must be stored outside the bed, it is a matter of safety, so that baby enjoys a perfectly safe night's sleep make him sleep in a sleeping bag (no duvet or duvet).

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