What a pleasure to arrange the room of your future baby, paint walls, choose the decoration, buy pretty plush toys. But the situation becomes more complicated when it comes to choosing the bed, the mattress, the bed linen. The choice is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to know what is best for your child.

Chambre de bébé

Bar bed or cradle?

The bed most often chosen by parents is the bar bed, a classic bed that will accommodate a baby from birth until he or she moves to a junior bed, i.e. between 2 and 3 years old. When you choose a cot, make sure that it has a slatted base (which allows better ventilation) and above all an adjustable base in several positions, so you will guarantee your child better safety and relieve your back. The baby bed is available in the classic version size 60x120 cm or in the evolutionary version 70x140 cm.

Lit bébé

The evolutionary beds are designed to be transformed into a learning bed so that the transition between the cot and the cot is smoother.

You may inherit an old bed from your grandparents, these beds are often made of metal and have a lot of charm but they often have a non-standard size, in which case you will have to choose a custom-made mattress.

The cradle is an excellent solution for newborns (and premature babies), who may feel lost in a bed that is too large. The cradle is a mini bed with dimensions adapted to toddlers, so the child feels perfectly safe in his little cocoon. The cradle is also a good solution for parents who want their baby to sleep in their room to keep it under supervision or to facilitate breastfeeding. The cradle placed next to the cot will then take up less space than a cot. You can also choose a cododo cradle that attaches to the edges of the parental bed with an adjustable box spring so that the baby's mattress is exactly the same height as the parents' mattress.

Berceau en bois

What mattress?

The choice of the first mattress is very important so that your baby is comfortable during the 12 to 16 hours he will spend lying down. Pediatricians recommend a semi-firm density mattress for good support of the small body. We recommend that you choose a mattress made of natural materials to give your child a healthier sleep.

If you choose organic food for your baby, if you make sure you provide a healthier environment and protect him from pollution, then refuse to let him sleep on oil derivatives and pesticides!

Choosing a mattress made of natural materials means taking care of your child, offering him/her softer and healthier materials to improve his/her sleep but also guaranteeing a healthier atmosphere in his/her room. Also make sure you choose a guaranteed mattress without added chemical treatment.

Choose a removable mattress to be able to wash the cover regularly. Did you know that a simple machine wash of the cover is much more effective against dust mites and bacteria than the chemical treatments added to some mattresses, and especially much healthier!

Choose a mattress that is exactly the size of the crib. Avoid all makeshift solutions that consist in wedging a rolled towel at the foot of the mattress because it is too short....

For a secure bed, choose a mattress that matches the dimensions of your bed and for "unusual" beds, think of a custom-made baby mattress. Today, high quality mattresses also exist for cradles and prams, so you can offer the same quality of sleeping in a small bed as in a classic baby bed.

A sleeping bag

Before the age of one year duvets and blankets are not recommended for safety reasons. The sleeping bag is therefore the essential item for baby's sleep. It is also called a turbulette, comforter or sleeping bag. It allows your baby to sleep safely and stay perfectly covered all night long even if he moves a lot.

The best sleeping bags have snaps on the shoulders and a large zipper at the bottom for easy installation of baby and to facilitate changing during the night. To offer your baby an ideal night's sleep, it is important to choose the sleeping bag according to the temperature of the room. In a dwelling heated to 22° a summer sleeping bag will be more than enough, while in a room with a temperature between 16° and 19° a winter sleeping bag will be necessary. To find the TOG indication of the sleeping bag, it allows you to evaluate the thermal capacity of a sleeping bag, the higher the TOG, the warmer it stays. Winter sleeping bags have a TOG of about 2.5 and summer sleeping bags a TOG of 1.

Prefer sleeping bags made of natural materials such as organic cotton or Tencel® and especially without chemical treatment to prevent your child from being in contact with pesticides all night long.

Gigoteuse coton bio

Ultra soft bed linen

For baby's well-being, prefer natural materials to synthetic materials for all linens in direct contact with the skin. The choice of bed linen is important because the child stays in bed for long hours, so it is preferable to choose an organic cotton fitted sheet. Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton, is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and is coloured with pigments free of heavy metals, so it is less allergenic and suitable for babies' sensitive skin.

To protect the mattress, think of mattresses, but choose a PVC-free sheet, which is more breathable. The sheets combining polyurethane and organic cotton or bamboo viscose can stop liquids (and protect the mattress in case of leaks) and allow air to circulate for better temperature regulation and better moisture evacuation.

For children over one year old who sleep with a duvet, choose a breathable duvet that will provide better temperature control and limit excessive sweating that can cause many waking up. Duvets covered with a Tencel® cover offer a good night's sleep at the right temperature.

To protect the duvet and bring a decorative touch to your child's room, choose a pretty bed linen set with a duvet cover and a matching pillowcase. Here too, choose organic cotton for a softer and more respectful skin. When choosing bed linen, duvets and pillows, be sure to select products that are guaranteed without added chemical treatment and certified Oeko-Tex, healthier and more natural to preserve the health of your little one.

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