Children grow up too fast and the little cot quickly becomes too narrow! This little piece of cabbage that weighed 3 kg and measured 50 cm, weighs about 12 kg at 2 years old and measures 86 cm! A very rapid growth that sometimes despairs parents!

Around the age of 2, the child is on the way to autonomy, he is soon clean, he knows how to say "no" and wants to sleep in a big bed. Don't delay too long to change your child's bed because the bar bed can be dangerous if the child is too big and manages to climb it to get out on his own....

But which bed to choose so that your child can experience this change in the best conditions? Among all the cribs available on the market, it is possible to choose a tipi bed, a convertible bed, a junior bed or a bed with a drawer.

The Tipi bed

This original bed has the advantage of offering a playful style, ideal for a child's room. The Tipi bed is available in different sizes but the 70x140 cm corresponds perfectly to the needs of a 2 year old child who is too cramped in his bar bed but still chilly at the thought of moving into a junior bed. The Tipi bed allows a smooth adaptation, it also allows to be close to the ground and therefore to limit the risks of falling. Be sure to choose a Tipi bed with a slatted base to allow air to circulate under the mattress and avoid condensation due to the child's perspiration. This bed can be decorated according to the style of the child's room and is also a place to play.

The evolutionary bed

The evolutionary bed is a 90x140 cm bed that can be transformed into a 90x190 cm or 90x200 cm bed. The dimensions of 90x140 cm allow the 2 year old child to change bed gradually, when leaving his bar bed, he does not find himself directly in a large bed. In this intermediate bed, he finds a reassuring side that limits stress and night waking up.

When the child grows up and is ready to move into a junior bed measuring 90x190 cm or 90x200 cm, it is sufficient to modify the structure of the bed with the elements provided by the manufacturer. For these evolutionary beds, the choice of mattress is sometimes complicated, it is necessary to choose a mattress for evolutionary bed composed of 2 different parts joined together by a zipper. A single mattress for 2 uses and therefore an optimal duration of use.

The junior bed

This is the classic cot, the one he will keep until his adolescence. It exists in 90x190 cm or 90x200 cm, with a child mattress of the same size.

To secure the young child when passing through this bed, it is advisable to position the bed along a wall and to position an anti-fall bed barrier on the other side. These wooden barriers are easily positioned between the box spring and the mattress and prevent the child from falling out of bed during the first weeks or even months of adaptation.

The bed with drawers

It is the ideal bed for small spaces, in fact it allows to bring an additional storage in the room. It consists of a classic junior bed with a bed drawer that slides just below it and provides additional storage space in the child's room. On some models, the bed drawer can also be used as an extra bed when the child invites a friend to sleep at home, so simply choose a special bed drawer mattress, which is less thick than a conventional mattress (about 12 cm).

To guarantee maximum safety for your baby, it is important to choose a mattress that is exactly the right size for the bed.

Choose a wooden bed

When designing your child's room, always use natural materials. Both for the choice of a mattress and for the choice of bed. The wooden bed is therefore a matter of course! If possible, choose a solid wood bed or an "ecological generation" MDF bed made of PEFC-certified wood, which is healthier for children and more environmentally friendly. Check that the paint used to cover the wood is a special paint for children, i.e. a water-based paint or varnish that does not contain toxic solvents.