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Adult relaxation gift box

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Offer a relaxation break!

This 100% relaxing gift set, composed of an organic chamomile tea, an organic chamomile essential oil bottle and a cold essential oil diffuser, will be a great ally and a great gift idea for a break of pure relaxation.

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This pack contains


The properties of Noble Camomile:

- Anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic and analgesic, Chamomile relieves all types of inflammation and pain (headaches and teeth, neuralgia, sciatica, surgical interventions). It also relieves respiratory allergies

- Parasiticide (intestinal parasites)

- Relaxing and calming of the central nervous system (insomnia, stress, anxiety, nervous shock)

- Skin irritations of any origin

Do not use in pregnant women or children under 12 years without medical advice.

Product Details

Place of manufacture
30 g


Essential oil 100% pure and natural obtained by slow distillation with water vapor.

10 mL dropper glass bottle

Chamaemelum nobile (or Anthemis nobilis)

Chemotype: isobutyl angelate

Distilled part: flowers

Origin: FRANCE
Color: colorless to yellow green
Smell: fruity, aromatic, warm and herbaceous.


The cold diffusion of essential oils is a natural source of well-being, certainly the safest way to benefit from all their aromatic virtues. By the principle of evaporation, the essential oils diffuser allows to dispense into the atmosphere the natural flavors that regenerate and purify the ambient air, and rid it of its harmful germs.

How to use it ?

Pour the essential oil of your choice up to the filling level of the support that supports the parasol filter. Introduce the parasol filter into the holder and let the essential oil absorb. Then replace the support in its wooden base, unfold the parasol filter and arrange it at the top of the support.

Under normal temperature conditions (20 ° C), a piece of current size (about 20 m²) will be sanitized by evaporation of essential oils between 15 and 20 minutes. The operation can be repeated 2 or 3 times a day for optimal efficiency. Under these conditions of use, it is necessary to recharge the diffuser every 5 to 6 days.

If the ambient temperature is below 18 ° C, in this case only, it is advisable to place the diffuser near a lit lamp or shade, without being in contact.

Product Details

Place of manufacture
250 g


Economical, beautiful, unbreakable.
100% recyclable.
Diffuser by non-electric cold evaporation.

Comes with two folded filters.
Dimensions open: H: 13 cm / L: 13 cm


The properties of Organic camomile in bags :

- Calmante

- Helps fight insomnia and nightmares

- Help with digestion

- Calms itching, burning, irritation, especially eyes

Preparation: 3 minutes are enough to release the aromatic principles of the plant under the action of boiling water, but you can also brew for a longer time.

Precautions for use: Contraindicated in pregnant women. Possibility of contact allergy.

60 g


Matricaria recutita
Part used: Whole flower Origin:

Packaging: Kraft box of 20 tea bags in 100% natural organic paper bags, free of glues, nylon or other synthetic materials. 100% biodegradable presentation, made from natural, recycled or recyclable materials.

Adult relaxation gift box

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