Kadolis provides products made from natural resources, offering better sleep for the whole family

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Up to 100€ free on your orders!

Up to 100€ free on your orders!

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Healthier sleep for the whole family

Healthier sleep for the whole family

Natural materials - no chemical treatment

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Soft & comfortable pyjamas made of organic cotton

Soft & comfortable pyjamas made of organic cotton

Take advantage of a 10% discount on pyjama sets (top+bottom)

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Ultra soft bed linen in organic cotton

Ultra soft bed linen in organic cotton

Made in Europe

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Natural Sleep

Natural Sleep

Discover our baby mattresses for a healthier sleep

Cocolatex Mattress
Organic cotton sleeping bag crumpled

Organic cotton sleeping bag crumpled

Give your child the best sleep from the very first night

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Soft and natural nights

Soft and natural nights

Sleep better with sustainable and certified materials

Baby's sleep

Exceptionnal mattresses for the whole family

Discover the composition of mattresses that make the difference, Oeko-Tex certified

Cocolatex Mattress

Your opinion inspires us

Marine P (France)

Cocolatex Baby Mattress

Very fast and smooth delivery. Very good mattress, firm, removable cover, nice finish, no smell.

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Rosana B (Spain)

Large organic cotton blanket Paros

Very good quality, soft, and what I was looking for a long time. There are many similar, but they have nothing to do with this one. I love it!

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Véronique P (France)

Organic cotton cuddly toy rabbit

Conforms to my order. No risk for the baby (who is not yet born). I highly recommend

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Yvonne Marie P (France)

Adult Travel Mattress ALOE VERA

Very pleasant to the touch - size 80x180 well adapted for a child/adult breakdown service and easy to carry.

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Maryse D (France)

Women's pyjama top in organic cotton and Tencel

Freshness of the fabric, of the color, pleasant on itself. I renewed my purchase for a second one.

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Hambli M (France)

Crumpled organic cotton pillowcase (choice of size)

Each pillowcase is packaged in a pouch similar to the fabric of the pillowcases so reusable and without flocking, ink so are reusable. Super satisfied with the quality.

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Didier P (France)

Organic Cotton Sheet for Yukari Crib

I thought that perfection was not of this world connected: I was wrong. Thank you

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Our fabrics are certified

We create our collections from noble, healthy and natural materials

Organic cotton bedding


Coconut fiber

Focus on…

Natural softness

Latex, unlike foam, is a 100% natural material that does not sag. It brings a soft and bouncy side, ideal in our mattresses!

Focus on…

Coconut fiber, firm and breathable

Coconut Fiber is used for its breathable, anti moist, anti dust mite and antibacterial capacities. Our coconut fiber is steam sterlized and without any chemical treatment.

Focus on…

La douceur du coton bio

Used for bed linens or clothes, Organic cotton is in constant contact with your skin. By choosing organic cotton free from presticides, we lower the risk of allergy.

Focus on…

Tencel™, a breathable fabric

Tencel ™ fabric with its natural capacities, offers a cooling effect in summer and warmth in winter

Organic cotton


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