This privacy policy gives you an overview of how Kadolis handles your data. It applies to all websites and applications, as well as other services and benefits offered by Kadolis.
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or about data protection at Kadolis, you can contact our data protection team at [email protected]. Please also send an e-mail to our data protection team if you wish to exercise your right of access to or deletion of your data or any other data protection rights in accordance with Articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR, including withdrawing your consent for marketing purposes, unsubscribing from the newsletter, etc. Further information can be found in the sections "What are my data protection rights" and "Contact persons".

How to read this privacy policy:

We offer you several options for reading this privacy policy. In this section, you will first find some basic information. Then you will find in each section the topics that concern you. If you are already a "pro", you can go directly from one chapter to another using the drop-down menu.

To which services and offers does this privacy policy apply?
The way Kadolis treats your data is the same for most of our offers. This Privacy Policy applies to all the services and offers we provide to our customers in Europe, whether we do so on a website, an app, on marketplaces, by telephone, at events or on social networks or other channels. For better readability, we use the generic term "services" for this "normal case".
However, for certain services, we exceptionally process your data in a different way or for specific purposes. This may be due to the type of service or the requirements of a specific country. When we refer to these cases ("special cases"), we use the terms "service-specific" or "country-specific".

What you learn from this Privacy Policy:
What data is stored by Kadolis.
What we do with that data and why we need it.
What your data protection rights are and what choices you have.
What technologies and data we use to personalise and coordinate our services and content, for safe, simple, smooth and individual shopping.
What technologies and data we use for advertising<<.

1. What data is processed by Kadolis?
Kadolis offers you various services that you can use in different ways. Depending on whether you contact us online, by telephone, personally or in any other way and depending on the services you use, various data from different sources are communicated. Many of the data that we process are data that you communicate to us when

you use our services or when you contact us, for example when you register and provide your name, e-mail address or address. We also receive technical data relating to your terminal and access data that we receive automatically when you interact with our services. For example, this may include information about the terminal you are using.
When we refer to "your data", we mean personal data. This is all information that enables us to identify you immediately. Examples: your name, telephone number, customer number, order references or e-mail address. All information that does not allow us to identify you is non-personal data. Non-personal data is also referred to as anonymous data. When we combine your personal data with anonymous data, all data included in this data set is considered personal data. When we remove personal data from an item of information or a set of data concerning your person, the remaining data in that set of data is no longer considered personal data. This process is called anonymisation. In principle: If we ask you to provide us with certain personal information, you can of course refuse. You decide what information you give us. However, we may not be able to offer you the desired services (or not optimally). For example, we cannot, for example, have a package delivered to you without your delivery address. If only certain details are required for the provision of a service (mandatory data), we will let you know by expressly indicating this to you.

1.1 Profile data

Profile data is the personal and demographic information about you (basic data) and your personal interests that you give us when you register for a customer account. Your profile data includes for example :
your first and last name
your contact details
your preferences, e.g. in terms of brands, product types or styles
demographic information, such as your gender, age and place of residence
As a rule, the mandatory data are your name, your e-mail address and the password you choose. Your e-mail address and password will be your login data.
Profile data may also include other information about you and your interests. This may be entered when registering for the service or may be completed later. This is the case, for example, if you later voluntarily add information to your profile or if you wish to use your customer account to register for a service that requires other mandatory information.
If you are logged in to your customer account, you can view your profile data and in most cases change it directly, e.g. to update your address when you move house.

1.2 Contact details
When you contact us, we enter your details. Depending on how you contact us (e.g., by phone or email), your contact information may include your name, postal address, phone numbers, email address, details about your profile in social networks (e.g., we receive your Facebook ID if you contact us via Facebook), username and similar contact information.

1.3 Purchase data

If you place an order with Kadolis, we enter your purchase data. Depending on the type of sale and processing status, the purchase data may include the following information:

order reference

details of the items purchased (designation, dimensions, colour, price, etc.)

indication of the method of payment

delivery and billing address

notifications and information relating to purchases (e.g. declarations of withdrawal, complaints and notifications to customer service)

Delivery and payment status, e.g. "Completed" or "Sent".

status of the return, e.g. "closed".

information on the service providers involved in the execution of the contract (for distance sales, shipper tracking number)


In your customer account, you can view your most important purchase data at any time in "Order History", "Track Returns" and "Addresses".

1.4 Payment details

We offer you the usual payment methods used in online commerce - in particular prepayment, credit card, PayPal, in instalments. For payment processing, we enter the payment data you have specified. Creditworthiness checks can be carried out by the payment organisation. We only pass on to our payment service providers the data necessary for the execution of the payment. Examples of payment data are :

method of payment

billing addresses

credit card data

Depending on your method of payment, several companies can manage your payment and solvency checks in relation to purchases in the Kadolis shop.

For payments made in 10 instalments free of charge, the essential data for the constitution of the file are transmitted to the company Sofinco. Sofinco accepts or refuses the file in order to avoid offering our clients payment methods that cannot be offered to them and to avoid our clients accepting commitments that they are unable to satisfy. The data sent are :

first name and surname,

the complete address,

the email address,

telephone number

the total of the current order

For payments 3 times free of charge, the essential data for the constitution of the file are transmitted to the company Franfinance. Franfinance will ask for additional information that will enable the file to be accepted or not. The data sent are :

first name and surname,

the complete address,

telephone number

the total of the current order

In the section "To whom is my data transmitted", you will find information on external financial service providers. You will also find specific information on the protection of data that we provide to you on behalf of the payment service provider, if applicable.

1.5 Interest data

When you interact with our services, the data generated provides us with information on content, themes, products, product types, brands. For example, we can deduce from your purchase data, the contents of your preference list and your age (if we have this data), as well as comparisons with users with similar characteristics, the categories of products you are interested in. When you next make a search, we can then show you, in the first instance, the products that are probably of most interest to you.

1.6 Notifications, content of interviews

When you contact us or when you contact other users about products (e.g. customer notifications) and other topics by telephone, mail, social networks, contact forms or in any other way, we capture the content of your notifications.

If necessary, we will forward the notifications to the relevant department, e.g. to partner companies or the manufacturer. In this case, we will not forward your question to the responsible department without your personal information.

If you send us information for other users (e.g. customer notifications) via the function provided for this purpose, we may publish this information within our services.

Kadolis also uses social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to communicate with customers and users. We use these popular platforms to offer you, in addition to our own communication channels, other possibilities for contact and information. Please note, however, that we have no influence on the conditions of use of the social networks and services offered to you, and that we have only limited influence on their data processing. Therefore, we ask you to carefully check the personal data that you provide to us on social networks. We have no influence on the behaviour of the operators of the social networks, other users and third parties who may cooperate with the operators of the social networks or who also use their services.

1.7 Social network data

Kadolis maintains profile pages (called "fanpages") in various social networks. In addition, Kadolis' services may include social networking features. These may include messaging services, as well as login tools or social modules such as "Connect with your Facebook account". If you connect with us through our social network profiles, or if you use social networking features that are integrated with our services and are a member of the relevant social network, we may receive personally identifiable information from the social network operator. Typically, we may have the following data at our disposal:

Information contained in your public profile, stored by the social network in question (e.g. name, profile picture etc.).

Details of the device you use to log in

The account identifier of your profile with the network concerned (such as the Facebook identifier)

Please also refer to the information on the processing of social network data in the area of social networking functions in the chapters "Information on Websites and Applications" and "Information on Social Network Fanpage".

Currently, Kadolis uses the messaging services and social modules / social connection tools of Facebook for the following social networks:

Facebook Ireland Ltd, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland Facebook Inc, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"). Here is the link to Facebook's Privacy Policy: from Facebook.

Twitter Inc, 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA ("Twitter"). Here is the link to Twitter's privacy policy: Twitter Privacy Policy.

Pinterest Inc, 635 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, USA ("Pinterest"). Here is the link to the Pinterest Privacy Policy: Pinterest Privacy Policy.

1.8 Location Data

For specific purposes, we collect data about the current status of your terminal when you use our services.

We derive geolocation data from the IP address of your terminal. This data is only used to calculate the VAT rate of the user's country, and thus to display prices in accordance with the user's country. (Example of price display excluding VAT in Switzerland)

What are IP addresses?

Each terminal connected to the Internet is assigned a unique multi-digit number (example: This is the IP address.

The first three digits of an IP address are usually assigned to a specific region or Internet provider. Thus, the IP address provides an approximate indication of the location of the Internet connection.

1.9 Data provided in connection with actions

If you take part in one of the actions organised by Kadolis (e.g. a competition), we ask you for information about yourself. For example, for a competition, we generally ask for your name and e-mail address so that we can inform you if you have won and to ensure that each participant only participates once.

1.10 Terminal and access data

When using online and mobile services, it is inevitable that this will generate technical data, which will be processed to provide and display the functions and content offered on your device. We refer to this as "fitting and access data". Fitting and access data is generated as soon as online or mobile services are used. It does not matter which provider is involved. Fitting and access data is generated, for example, when using :



social network fanpages

e-mail newsletters (when your interaction is recorded)

Kadolis collects fitting and access data for the online and mobile services it offers itself (e.g. the Kadolis shop).

In addition, Kadolis can also receive fitting and access data from other companies' online and mobile services as long as they are social networking partners of Kadolis. More information can be found in the chapters "How does Kadolis use my data for advertising purposes? "and "Information on social network fanpages".

Fitting and access data includes the following categories:

General information about the device, e.g. information about the device type, operating system version, configuration settings (e.g. language, system authorisations), information about the internet connection (e.g. mobile network name, connection difficulties) and the app used (e.g. app name and version).

Identification data (ID), such as session IDs, cookie IDs, device identification numbers (e.g. Google Ad ID, Apple Ad ID), account IDs of third-party providers (if you use social plugins or social logins or if you pay via PayPal) and other common internet technologies, in order to be able to recognise your browser, your device.

Access data transmitted automatically with each online access to web servers and databases of web applications and browsers (in the context of HTTP requests). This includes standardised information about the content requested (such as the name and type of file accessed), as well as information about access to the server (e.g. the volume of data transmitted and error codes), your device (e.g. type of device, operating system, software versions, device identifiers, IP address, page viewed later and time of access).

2. For what purposes is my data used by Kadolis?

Kadolis processes your data in compliance with all applicable data protection laws. In this respect, we will of course comply with the principles of data protection law applicable to the processing of personal data. In principle, we process your data only for the purposes indicated in this confidentiality policy or when entering your data. This primarily concerns the processing of purchases and the provision, personalisation, development and security of our services. In addition, we use your data within the limits of the strict rules of French and European data protection law, but also for other purposes, such as product development and market research, for the optimisation of business processes, the adaptation of our services to needs, and personalised advertising.

In this section, we explain the legal basis on which we process data. Depending on the legal basis for the processing of your data, you may have other special data protection rights in addition to the rights you already have, such as the right of access. In certain cases, for example, you have the right to object to the processing of your data. Further information can be found in the section "What are my data protection rights?

2.1 Processing of purchases and provision of online, local and personalised services

We process your data to the extent necessary for the purposes of fulfilling the contract and for the provision and performance of any other services you have requested, as described in this privacy policy. The purposes of the data processing thus depend on the purpose of the contract concluded with you (including our general terms and conditions of business and, where applicable, any service-specific general terms and conditions or terms of use) or the services you have requested.

The main purposes are :

-The provision, customisation and adaptation of our services to needs such as the Kadolis shop (including their website, applications and multi-terminal functions).

-The implementation of customer programmes (e.g. loyalty, VIP sales).

-The execution of sales contracts and customer service processes, including the handling of shipments and payments, as well as the processing of returns, claims and warranty cases.

-The provision of messages, notifications, newsletters and other direct communications, if this is an integral part of our contractual services or the services you request.


In the Kadolis boutique, you can ask us to inform you by e-mail about the availability of out of stock items.

If you have subscribed to our Newsletter, you will regularly receive our Kadolis newsletter informing you of current promotional campaigns and Kadolis novelties.

The guarantee of the general security, functioning and stability of our services, including the blocking of attacks.

Non-advertising communication with you on technical, security and contractual matters (e.g. scam warnings, account blocking or contract modifications).

Issuing, redeeming, delivering Kadolis vouchers.

For payment management, Kadolis uses the services of external financial service providers. You will find further information on external financial service providers in the paragraph "To whom is my data transmitted?

Legal basis :

If the purpose is to execute a contract concluded with you or to provide a service you have requested, the legal basis is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter b, of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Otherwise, the legal basis is Article 6(1)(f) of the DPMR, although our legitimate interests result from the above-mentioned purposes.

2.2 Personalisation of shopping

We process your data to provide comfortable and useful services that best meet your needs and interests. As the Kadolis shop offer includes hundreds of thousands of products, it is necessary for us to present our contents and offers according to your needs, so that you can find the products that really interest you. This requires an analysis of the relevance of the products and content for each user.

For the personalisation of shopping in the Kadolis shop, we use terminal and access data that we enter for the purpose of analysing usage. In addition, we also use terminal data and access data that we receive from our advertising partners during your visit to the Kadolis shop. If you are logged into your customer account during your visit to the Kadolis Store, we also use profile data, interest data and purchase data for the personalisation of shopping. We call this form of shopping personalisation on-site optimisation. Only through this form of personalised shopping can we present you with results, suggestions for suitable products and other content that is effectively relevant to your interests. Without this personalisation, which many online shops use nowadays, your search for products would be less comfortable and time-consuming, and the benefits of our offers would be less. Of course, you still have access to all content despite the personalisation of shopping. However, personalised shopping allows you to see the content you are interested in earlier.

More information

You will find more information on how shopping personalisation works on the Kadolis websites and applications in the "Shopping personalisation" section.

You will find more information on Kadolis personalised services in the "Personalised services" section.

Legal basis :

The legal basis for the processing of your data for the purposes of personalising shopping in the context of personalised services is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter b, of the RGPD. The legal basis for the processing of your data in the context of on-site optimisation is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f, of the RGPD, our legitimate interests resulting however from the above-mentioned purposes.

2.3 Prevention of fraud, choice of payment methods and creditworthiness check

Prevention of fraud

In order to combat any risk of data security breaches, user data is transmitted encrypted to the payment services. This concerns both your orders and the registration with the customer account. For this purpose, we use the SSL (secure socket layer) encryption system. Thanks to encryption, the data is not accessible to third parties. In order to protect ourselves against external attacks, we use special security technologies that constantly monitor our systems, recognise and display any irregularities directly. In addition, we secure our systems with technical and organisational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or distribution of customer data by unauthorised persons. In this way, we want to minimise the risk of unauthorised access as much as possible, as we consider the protection of your data to be of central importance. At the same time, we cannot guarantee absolute protection, like any other company as well.

We use technical and manual procedures for the prevention of fraud in order to protect our users and ourselves against the violation of your data, in particular through fraudulent orders. To this end, we may cancel orders or deactivate accounts to minimise the risk of fraudulent orders and to protect users whose accounts may have been hacked.

If our security system detects a fraud attempt or a high risk of fraud, the transaction will be forwarded to the appropriate Kadolis team for manual review. In view of the risk of fraud, appropriate preventive measures are taken (e.g. temporary blocking of the customer account or restriction of the payment methods offered).

Legal basis :

If the processing of your data for the purpose of fraud prevention is carried out at your expense, the legal basis lies in Article 6(1)(b) of the GDR. Moreover, this processing of your data is carried out on the basis of Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f, of the RGPD, on the basis of our legitimate interests and the legitimate interests of other users in the detection and prevention of fraud and the suppression of offences.

Choice of payment methods

In deciding which payment methods will be offered, the total cost of the concrete payment method for Kadolis and the availability of the payment method in the country concerned are also taken into account.

Legal basis :

If you have consented to the processing of your data described above for the choice of payment methods, the legal basis is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter a, RGPD (consent). Moreover, the legal basis lies in Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f, RGPD, on the basis of our legitimate interest in avoiding any risk of non-payment.

2.4 Advertising and market research, data analyses

We also use your data for data analysis, advertising and market research purposes. In particular, we pursue the following objectives:

The division into various target groups or user groups in the context of market research (user segmentation).

Advertising for loyal customers.

The implementation of direct advertising, e.g. in the form of newsletters.

Conclusions on how our services are used (usage analysis).


Depending on the purpose, we use the data stored with us to carry out data analyses. For example, for analyses of the purchasing habits of our users, we use short profile data, statistical data and purchase data, in order to be able to understand and analyse the purchasing processes through data analyses. In this way, we obtain information on the general usage habits of our users.

We process your data on the basis of a balancing of interests for the purpose of safeguarding our legitimate interests. The legitimate interests of Kadolis in data processing result from the respective purposes. In the absence of provisions to the contrary, they are of a competitive and economic nature.

Legal basis :

If the processing of data for the purposes described above is carried out with your consent, the legal basis lies in article 6, paragraph 1, letter a, of the RGPD (consent). Moreover, the data processing is carried out on the legal basis of article 6, paragraph 1, letter f, of the RGPD, our legitimate interests resulting however from the above-mentioned purposes.

2.5 Product and technological development

We use your data for product and technology development, including the development and improvement of personalised services. In this respect, we use abbreviated, pseudonymised or anonymised data. The processing of data for the purposes of product and technological development has the following purposes in particular:

The development and improvement of personalised services and technologies for the purposes of data analysis and personalised online shopping.

The development of technologies and concepts for the improvement of IT security, the prevention of fraud and the improvement of data protection, e.g. by pseudonymisation, encryption and anonymisation techniques.

The development and testing of software solutions for the optimisation of the necessary business and logistics processes.

Legal basis :

The legal basis for the processing of your data for the purposes of product and technological development is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the DPRG, our legitimate interests, however, resulting from the above-mentioned purposes.

2.6 On the basis of your consent

If you have consented to the processing of personal data, your consent is, in the first instance, the legal basis for our processing of your data. The data we process on the basis of your consent depends on the purpose of your consent. Typical purposes are for example :

Subscribing to a newsletter.


You can change and withdraw your consent, upon receipt of newsletters, by email.

Further information can be found in the section "What are my data protection rights? ».

2.7 Other purposes

If permitted by data protection law, we may use your data without your consent for other purposes, e.g. to carry out data analyses and to develop our services and content. This presupposes that these new purposes for which the data is to be used did not yet exist at the time the data concerned was entered or that they were not foreseeable, and that the new purposes are in line with the purposes for which the data concerned was originally entered. For example, legal or technical developments as well as new business models and services may require new processing purposes.

3. Personalized services

The development and provision of customised functionalities and services are essential to us. Irrespective of the location, time and terminal used, we offer you an individual shopping experience and an offer perfectly tailored to your personal interests. Thus, the processing of your data for the purpose of personalising our services is an integral part of the services offered by Kadolis.


If you create a list of favourite products on Kadolis, you will be able to consult and process it later on the Kadolis website.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we can show you products that correspond to your current orders.

We also take into account your previous orders when recommending new products that may correspond to your purchasing preferences.

3.1 What are personalised services?

With personalised services, we can offer you better, more convenient and safer services. In this regard, we use the data we store about you to identify your needs and interests. On this basis, we can offer you content that is better suited to your needs and interests. Of course, you always have access to all content. Through personalisation, you can see the contents that interest you most or these contents are presented to you in particular (e.g. in the form of individual product suggestions) at an earlier stage.

3.2 What is the purpose of the customer account?

Most of our personalised services require you to create a customer account so that we can save the data we enter about you in one place.

3.3 What data is stored in my customer account?

The data we enter about you and your customer ID are stored in your customer account. The customer ID does not contain any personal data. Your data will be cross-referenced with your customer ID in order to be able to assign it to your customer account.

3.4 What data is used for personalisation?

The selection of personalised content is normally made on the basis of data stored in your customer account or on the basis of data . The geolocation data is used to display prices with the taxes applicable in the country.

3.5 Your options

In your customer account, you can view most of the data we have stored in your customer account at any time. If necessary, you can change this data at any time.

4. Information on websites

We use your data to provide the websites. In addition to the terminal data and access data generated each time you use these services, the type of data processed and the purposes of data processing depend on how you use the functions and services available via our services. In addition, we use the data generated when using our services to determine how our online offer is used. We use this information in particular in the context of personalised shopping in order to improve our services and to offer personalised advertising.

4.1 Supplier

You can find the provider of the respective service in the imprint on the website.

4.2 What data is recorded?

As a matter of principle, we save all data that you transmit to us directly via our services.

Terminal and access data

Whenever our servers and databases are accessed, terminal and access data are generated and recorded in server log files. The IP address is anonymised within a very short time after access, as soon as storage is no longer required to maintain the functioning of the respective website.


For users who register to create a customer account or other service, we provide password-protected personal access. If you do not log out after logging in with your access data, you automatically remain logged in to most of our services. Depending on the type of service, cookie technology or comparable technology is used. This function allows you to use some of our services without having to log in again. However, for security reasons, you will be asked to re-enter your password, for example if you wish to change your profile data or if you wish to place an order. You will find more information in the paragraph "Personalised Kadolis Services".

Social Logins

In some of our services, we may offer you the opportunity to register with us directly via your social network account. If you wish to use this function, you will first be redirected to the relevant social network offer. You will be asked to register with your user name and password. Of course, we do not have access to your registration data. If you are already logged in, this step will be skipped. Then the relevant social network will tell you what data will be sent to us (e.g. public profile, friends list, e-mail address and current address) and ask you to confirm it. We create your customer account with the transmitted data, but of course we do not save your friends list. There is no permanent connection between your customer account and your social network account. In addition, the relevant social network providers provide us with social network data.

4.3 Online Advertising/Retargeting

Our website contains cookies and tracking technologies from advertising partners who operate an online advertising network. Thus, our advertising partners may also capture your terminal and access data and present you with personalised advertisements on other websites, even those managed by other suppliers, tailored to your interests (e.g. advertisements based on the products you have viewed in the Kadolis shop).

You will find more information in the paragraph "How is my data used by Kadolis for advertising purposes? »

4.4 Utilization analysis

In all our services, we use standard tracking technologies to analyse terminal and access data. This enables us to find out how our offer is generally used by our users. For this purpose, identification cookies and comparable identifiers are used. In this way, we learn, for example, which content and topics are particularly popular, when our services are most frequently used, in which regions our services are used, and which browsers and terminals our users generally use.

You can find the tracking tools used on our website in the section "Information about each website".

5. Information on social network fanpages

Kadolis maintains profile pages (called "fanpages") in the social networks Facebook and Instagram. We regularly publish and share content, offers and product recommendations on our fanpages. Social network operators record your usage behavior using cookies, and similar technologies, whenever you interact on our fanpages or other Facebook or Instagram pages. Fanpage operators have access to general statistical data on the interests and demographics of the users visiting a fanpage (e.g. age, gender, region etc.). When using social networks, it is primarily the operators who define the type, scope and purpose of the processing of the data collected there.

5.1. Provider / Responsible party

Kadolis, the company acting as the supplier responsible for a fanpage, appears in the legal notice of the fanpage in question.

The social networks Facebook and Instagram are both maintained by Facebook Ireland Ltd, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland ("Facebook").

To the extent that you communicate directly with us through our fanpages or share content with us, Kadolis is responsible for the processing of your data. An exception applies to the processing of data for the purpose of usage analysis ("Page Insights"), which is described below. In such a case, we are jointly responsible with Facebook.

Processing of your data by Facebook

Please note that Facebook also manages your data when you use our fanpages for purposes that are unique to Facebook, which this Privacy Policy does not cover. We have no influence over these data processing operations of Facebook. In this regard, we refer you to the privacy policy of the respective social network:

Facebook Privacy Policy

Instagram Privacy Policy

5.2. What data is collected?

When you visit our fanpages, Kadolis collects all communications, content and other information that you provide to us directly, for example when you post something on a fanpage or send us a private message. Of course, if you have an account with a social network, we may also see your public information such as your username and public profile information, as well as the content you share with the public. However, Kadolis does not collect this information electronically for any future use.

Usage Analysis ("Page Insights")

Whenever you interact with fanpages, Facebook uses cookies and other similar technologies to track your user behavior when you visit a fanpage. On the basis of the information collected, fanpage operators obtain statistical data relating to site usage. This data is referred to as "Page Insigths". The 'Page Insights' pages only contain anonymous statistical information about the persons who visit the fan page, i.e. this data cannot be traced back to individual persons. We do not have access to the personal data that Facebook uses to obtain its 'Insights Pages' ("Insights Page Data"). The selection and processing of Insights Page Data is done exclusively by Facebook.

The 'Insights Pages' provide us with information on how our fanpages are used, what aspects are of interest to visitors to our fanpages, as well as topics and content that are particularly popular with users. This enables us to optimise our fanpage activities, for example by planning and selecting content in such a way that it is best suited to the interests and uses of our target audience.

Kadolis and Facebook are jointly responsible for the processing of your data for the purpose of obtaining 'Page Insights'. For this reason, we have entered into an agreement with Facebook defining which of the companies will comply with the data protection obligations regarding the processing of data for the statistical evaluation of the behaviour of Internet users in accordance with the provisions of the GDR (General Data Protection Regulations).

More information on 'Page Insights'.

You can view the agreement with Facebook here :

Facebook has summarized the key aspects of this agreement (including a list of Insights Page data) for you to review here:

Legal basis :

If you have given your consent for Facebook to collect statistical data for its 'Insights Page', the legal basis for this is Article 6 (1) a of the GDR (Consent). Otherwise, article 6 (1) f of the GDR applies, noting that our legitimate interests lie in the above-mentioned purposes.

5.3. What are my rights in terms of data protection?

Of course, your rights to privacy, as defined in the chapter "What are my rights in terms of data protection? "also apply to the processing of your data in connection with our fanpages.

For the processing of your 'Page Insights' data on Facebook, we have agreed with Facebook that Facebook will assume primary responsibility for providing you with information about your 'Page Insights' data and for enabling you to exercise your privacy rights under the DPMR (e.g. the right of objection). More information about your data protection rights in connection with the Insights Page, and how you can exercise those rights in relation to Facebook, can be found here:

6. Newsletter

We offer you a newsletter service. When you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive information on the topics covered in the newsletters. We use a third party company to send our newsletters. When our newsletters are accessed, we also collect terminal and access data.

6.1 How do I register?

To send our newsletters subject to registration (such as the Kadolis shop newsletter), we use the single opt-in procedure. This means that we only send you a newsletter if you have expressly consented to the activation of the newsletter service.

6.2 Unsubscribing

If you no longer wish to receive newsletters in the future, you can object to this at any time, without paying any costs other than the transmission costs at the basic rates. For this purpose, a written message (e.g. email, letter) addressed to the Kadolis company responsible for the newsletter is sufficient. Of course, you will find an unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

6.3 What data is entered?

When you subscribe to a newsletter, we automatically record your IP address and the time of subscription. In this way we can prove that you have actually registered and we can detect any possible fraudulent use of your e-mail address.

When we send out newsletters, we pass on the e-mail addresses that you have subscribed to the newsletter to our partner Spread, who then relays the newsletter to you. Spread is a company specialising in this type of service, and we have made an agreement with them on the confidentiality of the data we send them. Here is their page explaining how they comply with the rules on personal data:

RGPD and Spread

We capture terminal data and access data generated when you interact with a newsletter. For this purpose, the newsletters contain references to graphic files stored on our web server. If you open a newsletter, your e-mail program downloads these graphic files to our web server. In this way, we know whether, when and which newsletters you have opened. The links contained in the newsletters also contain your newsletter ID, so that we can enter the content you are interested in. This shopping personalisation is an integral part of the Kadolis shop newsletter.

Of course, you will find an unsubscribe link in each newsletter. You will find further information in the paragraph "What are my data protection rights? ».

You can also deactivate the display of images in your e-mail programme. In this case, the newsletter cannot be displayed in full.

7. Individual product suggestions by mail

In connection with our services, we present you with information and offers from Kadolis according to your interests. You will receive these personal product suggestions even if you have not subscribed to our newsletter. In order to select individual product suggestions, we first use your current shopping basket and profile data in accordance with the law.

8. Gift vouchers

We use the data provided when ordering Kadolis vouchers to check and process the order, as well as to send and validate the voucher. This also includes the recording and processing of data relating to the use of the voucher, and in particular the prevention of fraud.

For this purpose, we also store the following data:

date of issue

voucher value

voucher code

personalisation data (if you indicate them)

name of beneficiary (for personal vouchers)

time of validation of the voucher

Name of the person validating the voucher and the customer account ID used for validation.

9. To whom will my data be sent?

Kadolis only transmits your data if French or European data protection law authorises it. We work very closely with certain service providers, with technical service providers (e.g. server host) or with logistics companies (e.g. postal operators such as La Poste). In principle, these service providers may only process your data on our behalf under certain conditions. If they are our sub-contractors, the service providers only have access to your data to the extent and for the period necessary to provide the relevant service.

9.1 Senders

For the delivery of orders, we work with external carriers (e.g. Post Office). We pass on the following data to the carriers for the purpose of carrying out their work:

your name

your delivery address

if necessary your telephone number

if necessary your e-mail address

10 Service providers

10.1 Technical service providers
We work with technical service providers in order to be able to provide you with our services. Net-Concept (a French company) is our hosting service provider and therefore owns the rights to our server. Kadolis ensures that our service provider guarantees by contract or in any other way a legally sufficient level of confidentiality.

10.2 Financial service providers
Kadolis offers various payment methods, such as prepayment, credit card payment, PayPal payment. For this purpose, payment data may be transmitted to financial service providers with whom we work. For more information on the processing of your personal data by financial service providers, please consult their privacy policy :
PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, 2449 Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Further information can be found in PayPal's privacy policy.
Sogenactif by Société Générale 29 boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris. You will find further information in their privacy policy.
Mollie, Keizersgracht 126, 1015 CW Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Further information can be found on Mollie's privacy policy page.
Sofinco 1 rue Victor Basch - CS 70001 - 91068 MASSY Cedex , You will find more information in the RGPD Sofinco guide page.
E-transaction by Crédit Agricole, 83 boulevard des Chênes, B.P. 48, 78042 Guyancourt cedex Here are the details of the E-transaction data protection policy

10.3 Authorities and other third parties
If we are obliged to do so by an authority or a court decision or for the purposes of legal or criminal proceedings, we will pass on your data to the prosecuting authorities or any other third party.

11. What are my data protection rights?

You have the following data protection rights under the law and under the conditions defined by the law:

right of access (Article 15 DPMR), right of deletion (Article 17 DPMR), right of rectification (Article 16 DPMR), right to restrict data processing (Article 18 DPMR), right to data portability (Article 20 DPMR), right to object to a data protection supervisory authority (Article 77 DPMR), right to withdraw consent (Article 7(3) DPMR), and right to withdraw certain data processing measures (Article 21 DPMR).

If you wish to exercise your data protection rights, you can contact our data protection team at any time at [email protected]. Further information can be found in the section Contact persons.
Important notes :
To ensure that your data is not passed on to third parties in connection with your enquiries, please enclose sufficient proof of your identity by e-mail or letter with your enquiry.
As a general rule, simply send us your request using the e-mail address registered in your customer account.
You can change most of your data in your customer account yourself. For all other cases, please contact customer service.
The competence of the data protection authorities depends on the head office of the competent body. However, you can decide to contact the data protection authority in your place of residence, which will then forward your appeal to the competent authority. The competent authority for Kadolis is the CNIL, 3 place de Fontenoy TSA 80715, 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07.

If you have given your consent to the processing of your data, you may withdraw it at any time. The retraction has no influence on the legitimacy of the processing of your data prior to your retraction.
You may object to the processing of your data for advertising purposes, including direct advertising (also in the form of data analysis), at any time and without stating reasons.

If the processing of your data is based on a balancing of interests in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the GDSR (e.g. notification of creditworthiness data to an external information agency), you may object to the processing of your data. If you object, please state the reasons for doing so. If your objection is justified, we will examine the facts either before suspending or adjusting the data processing or before informing you of our compelling and legitimate reasons for continuing to process your data.

12. When will my data be deleted?
Your personal data will remain stored for as long as necessary for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, including the fulfilment of our contractual and legal obligations. Where appropriate, we may also store your personal data for other purposes, if and as long as the law permits us to store it for specific purposes, including the defence of a right.
If you close your customer account, we will delete all stored data about you. If complete deletion of your data is not possible or not necessary for legal reasons, the data concerned will be blocked for further processing.
What does blocking mean?
If data is blocked, a restriction of access rights and other technical and organisational measures ensure that only a few employees have access to the data concerned. These employees can only use the blocked data for the defined purposes (e.g. to submit it to the tax office in the event of a tax audit).
For example, data is blocked in the following cases:
Your order and payment data and, if applicable, any other data are generally subject to various legal retention obligations, e.g. under the Commercial Code and the Tax Procedure Book. We are obliged by law to keep this data for ten years for tax audits and audits. We can only permanently delete the data concerned after this period has elapsed.
Even if your data is not subject to any legal obligation to retain it, we may, in the cases provided for by law, waive immediate deletion and proceed, in the first instance, to block it. This applies in particular in cases where we require the data concerned for the further performance of the contract or for the purposes of legal proceedings or the defence of rights (e.g. in the event of complaints). The statutory limitation periods are the decisive criteria for determining the duration of the blocking. At the end of the period of limitation, the data concerned is deleted permanently.
The deletion of data can be waived in the cases provided for by law if the data is anonymous or pseudonymous and if the deletion would make it impossible or seriously detrimental to the processing of the data for scientific research or statistical purposes.

13. How is my data protected by Kadolis?
We transmit your personal data in encrypted form. This applies to your order and your customer login. For this purpose, we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system. In addition, we secure our websites and other systems with the help of technical and organisational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or dissemination of your data by any unauthorised person.

14. Changes to this privacy policy
As we continue to develop our websites and applications and implement new technologies to improve our service to you, changes to this Privacy Policy may be necessary. Therefore, we recommend that you review this Privacy Policy from time to time.

15. Contact
At [email protected] you can contact our data protection team at any time for general questions about data protection and the exercise of your rights.
If you wish to contact our data protection officer directly, please send a letter to the address below, stating on the envelope "For the attention of the data protection officer:
For the attention of the Data Protection Officer: Data Protection
Kadolis SARL
151 bld Elisabeth Boselli
49100 ANGERS


E-Mail: [email protected]

16. Information on each service

Our data processing may differ from one service to another. You can find out about the specific differences for each department here.

Google Maps

Our website uses Google Maps services provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA ("Google"). This service allows Kadolis customers to find the nearest collection point for their orders from their location. In order for Google Maps to enable this feature, your browser must establish a connection to a Google-managed server that is likely to be located in the United States. Google is subject to the EU-US Privacy Shield in the event that personal data is transmitted to the United States. In this way, Google receives information that the page on our website about the collection points has been visited by the IP address of your device.

If you visit Google's mapping service on our website while logged in to your Google profile, Google may associate that event with your Google profile. If you do not want this assignment to your Google Profile, you must sign out of Google before opening our contact page. Google stores your data and uses it for advertising, market research and to customize the display of Google Maps. You may object to this data collection by contacting Google.

Further information can be found in the Google Privacy Policy and the additional Google Maps terms of use.

Legal basis for the processing :

The legal basis is Art. 6(1) sentence 1(a) of the DPMR, based on your consent.

17. Country-specific information

Our data processing may differ from country to country. You can find out about country-specific differences here.

18. Cookie information

Here you can find out about the cookies we use. Here you will find an overview of all the cookies we use