Our naturals materials

Kadolis creates its collections based on noble materials, honest and natural, to provide a better sleep to babies, children and even adults. Kadolis refuses all the chemical treatments, which are supposed to improve the products. We select, with sincerity, the natural materials which are most adapted for a better sleep.



The latex circulates in the laticiferous canals of trees. When a tree is injured, the latex flows to form a protective barrier.
Only latex rubber is used to produce the latex used for mattresses and gloves.
Latex production is located mainly in 3 countries: Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Our latex only comes from ISO14001 certified plantations.
Natural latex is made from the natural sap of rubber trees. Synthetic latex is a mixture of natural latex with an oil derivative.
In France the name 100% natural latex requires a minimum of 85% natural latex.
Latex provides comfort and optimal support. It removes pressure points from the body and provides a comfortable wraparound comfort. The latex is naturally breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-mite and requires no chemical treatment.


Coconut fiber

Coconut fiber is a totally natural material resulting from the transformation of the coconut shell. The harvest is manual.Coconut fiber is used in the manufacture of mattresses for its air circulation and anti-humidity properties, anti-mites and anti-bacterials.

Our coconut fiber is steam sterilized and does not receive chemical treatment.

The coconut fiber is firm and dense. Ultra resistant, it ensures a good longevity to the mattresses. The coconut allows the sleepers to sweat less. The good air circulation between the fibers allows an optimal ventilation, which evacuates perspiration of the human body during the sleep.


Organic Cotton

Generally used for bed linen or clothing, Organic Cotton can remain in constant contact with the skin: it is cultivated by limiting the use of harmful chemicals and thus ensures a healthier sleeping environment.

Organic Cotton is particularly suitable for babies and young children.



TENCEL™ is a textile fiber made from Eucalyptus wood fiber. Eucalyptus is a very fast-growing tree that does not require artificial irrigation.

During the entire process of fiber processing, no toxic fumes are released. The obtained TENCEL™ fiber does not require any bleaching. The TENCEL™ manufacturing process has received a European Award for the environment. TENCEL™ is also completely biodegradable.
TENCEL™ fiber is ultra soft, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

TENCEL™ has naturally cooling properties, so the fabric offers a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth in winter.
TENCEL™ is a fiber that wicks away moisture perfectly. The surface remains dry and bacteria grow 2000 times less than on synthetic materials. TENCEL™ is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-mite without the need for chemical treatment.

Used for making sleep items, TENCEL™ offers the ideal temperature for a better sleep and guarantees a healthier sleep without any chemicals.


Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is also known as Aloe. It is a plant used for hundreds of years to cure many ailments.
Today, Aloe Vera is used in herbal medicine, dermatology and cosmetology.
Aloe Vera is grown in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia.

Aloe Vera is mainly composed of water and 150 different elements among which 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, many minerals and trace elements.
In dermatology its external use relieves many skin diseases such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and itching. It helps to relieve burns and sunburns, as well as insect bites. It also has bactericidal, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

In cosmetology, it is known for its softening, moisturizing and nourishing properties. Aloe Vera is ideal for sensitive skin.
In addition, it also has antibacterial and anti-allergic, perfectly adapted to provide quality of sleep without any application of chemical.

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