Our story

« Health and sleep are the foundations of a life well lived. We create clean, durable and well-designed products to give you a good night's sleep. We provide solutions to leave the world the way we found it. In full transparency »

Vladimir Swistunow, founder of Kadolis

Once upon a time ...

Father of 3 children, Vladimir Swistunow discovered the drifts of industrial baby products during the BPA crisis in baby bottles. He then decided to create Kadolis, to offer parents beautiful and organic products for baby. Children's sleep quickly became the first specialty of Kadolis... then children grow up and Kadolis launches junior and even adult collections. Since 2007, Kadolis has been accompanying the dreams of tens of thousands of children, teenagers and even their parents, for healthier nights, without any chemical treatment and with natural materials.


Creation of Kadolis


Launch of the brand on the web


First order of the Cocolatex baby mattress


Launch of the children's collection on the Kadolis website


Launch of the adult collection on the Kadolis website


Launch of the Aloe Vera mattress


The team is growing, we are now 12!


Palmarès Capital: Kadolis elected best e-commerce site


Launch of the Evolution Air mattress


3 new faces join the team! We are now 15 employees!


New Aloenatura & Chanvrenatura mattresses

We are switching all our plastic packaging to cardboard


our GOTS certificate is renewed

New TURIA baby crib 60x120cm

New Aloé R mattress


New adult mattress concept Cocovario

What we stand for


Florence, Camille and Elodie guide you in your choices in order to offer you the best possible shopping experience. Your feedback and opinions are our daily driving force, they inspire us and push us to offer you products that are always more in line with our values.


We have chosen a handcrafted and European production for the quality that results from it, the strict respect of the standards in force, a better control of our products and a better remuneration of the workers. Our suppliers have been selected with the greatest care for their know-how, and for their ecoresponsible commitments.


We are committed to an eco-responsible approach to the life cycle of our products, from the purchase of raw materials to their transformation, including the transportation of materials and the resale of our finished products. We reinvent all our product packaging to limit plastic and offer you recycled and recyclable packaging.


We offer a wide range of quality and healthy products for the whole family. We reduce to the maximum the intermediaries to propose you a fair and coherent price.


Concerned about your health, we have at heart to offer you products designed with natural materials, without chemical treatments and certified.

Our commitments today and tomorrow

Artisanal manufacture

Kadolis is committed to offering you a more natural sleep. For a responsible consumption, full of sense and link, we choose an artisanal production, respectful of the workers and of our planet.

Certified products

Our priority is the safety of all our sleeping families. For this reason, our products are tested and certified by reliable and strict control institutes.

Natural materials

Kadolis creates its collections based on noble and natural materials, to offer a better sleep to babies, children and adults. We refuse all chemical treatments supposed to improve the products and look, with sincerity, for the most adapted natural materials for a better sleep.