Site editor: Kadolis sarl

SARL with capital of 134 015 euros
RCS Angers 494 103 484

Headquarters: 151 bd Elisabeth Boselli
49100 Angers - France

Manager: Vladimir Swistunow

Editor of the website: Vladimir Swistunow

Website host: Net concept

Files declared to the CNIL at number 1422153.

Kadolis is registered with the National Register of Furniture Marketers under the number FR017598. This number guarantees that Kadolis, by joining Eco-mobilier, complies with the regulatory obligations incumbent upon it in application of article L 541-10-1 10° of the Environment Code.

Pursuant to article L.541-10-13 of the French Environment Code, the ADEME has assigned the following unique identifiers to Kadolis (RCS Angers 494103484), certifying that it is registered with the register of eco-bodies and up to date with its eco-contributions:

  • FR017598_10QKRJ for the Furniture Sector with Ecomaison
  • FR205266_01FGBT for the Packaging Sector with Adelphe
  • FR017598_12QLGC to Ecomaison for the toys sector
  • FR205266_11LDQF to Refashion for the clothing, household linen and footwear sector

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