A new life for your Cocolatex mattress

In an ecological approach, we have launched a new concept.
Don't throw away your old Kadolis Cocolatex mattress and participate in a circular economy. We will take back your old Cocolatex mattress free of charge, give you a voucher and recondition it completely.

What's in it for me to return my mattress?

  • I don't throw away my old mattress
  • I get it back for free
  • I am participating in a circular economy
  • I get a voucher on www.kadolis.com to treat myself.
I return my old Cocolatex mattress

How does it work?

1. return request

I log in to my customer's account and request a free return.

2. Mattress received*

Reception of your mattress in our premises for reconditioning.

3. Voucher usable on the entire website

I get my voucher in my customer account:
• 10 € for a return of a Cocolatex pram/cradle mattress.
• 40 € for a return of a Cocolatex baby mattress.

4. Use of my voucher

I use my voucher valid on the whole site for 1 year.

* Return conditions: Receipt flat (not folded, not rolled) of all Cocolatex cradle/landau or baby mattresses purchased on the kadolis.com website from January 1, 2021 only in France (excluding Corsica). Voucher valid for 1 year after receipt of returned mattress.

What is a reconditioned mattress?

When the Cocolatex mattress is received by our services, a complete analysis of the materials is made (de-covering, separation of latex and coir, disinfection, removal of the cover ...). The mattress is then thoroughly dismantled and reconditioned.

A reconditioned mattress is therefore a second-hand mattress that is refurbished in order to not to throw away materials and to reuse what is possible. We reduce the environmental impact of a new manufacture and We reduce the environmental impact of remanufacturing and also avoid transport to reduce the carbon footprint.

I buy a recycled mattress

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