A new life for your Cocolatex mattress

In an eco-friendly approach, we have launched a new concept: to take back your old Cocolatex mattress for free.
From the cradle, bassinet, and crib mattresses to the Cocolatex baby mattresses, participate in the circular economy and receive a refund on your next Kadolis order.

What is the benefit of recycling your mattress ?

  • I actively participate in the circular economy by not throwing away my old mattress.
  • It is taken back from me for free.
  • To reward this great action, I get a refund on my next Kadolis order.
I return my old Cocolatex mattress

How does it work?*

1. Free return request

I log in to my customer account.

Select the Cocolatex mattress you want to return and make your return request.

2. Mattress received

Your Cocolatex mattress is received at our facilities for reconditioning

3. Discount** on my next order

I'll get a discount when I receive the mattress:
• 10€ for pram, bassinet or cradle mattresses
• 40€ for baby mattresses

* Return Conditions: Receipt flat (not folded, not rolled) of all Cocolatex cradle/bassinet/crib or baby mattresses purchased on the kadolis.com website from January 1, 2019 in Metropolitan France only (excluding Corsica).
** Discount in the form of a refund on your next order for a minimum amount of €150 via the payment method used and after receipt of the mattress within 3 months of the return request.

What is a reconditioned mattress?

Upon receipt of the Cocolatex mattress by our services, a complete analysis of the materials is done (removing the cover, separating the latex and coconut, disinfecting, changing the cover to a new one...). The mattress is therefore completely disassembled and restored.

A reconditioned mattress is therefore a second-hand mattress that is refurbished in order to not to throw away materials and to reuse what is possible. We reduce the environmental impact of a new manufacture and We reduce the environmental impact of remanufacturing and also avoid transport to reduce the carbon footprint.

I buy a recycled mattress