Gift card

By opting for the Kadolis gift card, you offer the freedom to choose the ideal product on Kadolis. You are sure that your loved one will have a good night's sleep!

I personalize my gift In a few clicks I choose a nice card, define its amount and add a little sweet word.
I choose my shipping method Do I have the time? I print out my beautiful card and give it to her in person. In a hurry or remotely? My loved one will receive his or her electronic gift card by email on the day of my choice.
I'm giving him carte blanche For 1 year, my loved one can use his gift card as he wishes, in one or more times on

Choose a visual

Information for the recipient

The name of the beneficiary as well as your personal message will appear on the gift card below the visual.

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Choose the amount

You can enter any amount between €20 and €300 by selecting a predefined value.

Send the gift card

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