Our commitments

Kadolis is committed to offering you a more natural sleep. For a responsible consumption, full of sense and link, we choose the European production, without added chemical treatment and by privileging the natural materials.

Respect your health

Thanks to our products, which do not receive any chemical treatment or pesticide, we guarantee your whole family a healthy and natural sleep. Our certifications and our transparency on the composition of our products guarantee you the ecological quality of our fabrics and products. We select our materials for their intrinsic natural qualities: More breathable, lighter, anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-allergic.

sante Kadolis

Preserve the planet

We are taking concrete steps to defend our commitments and ideas for a more sustainable world.

produit Kadolis


We manufacture our products by limiting the consumption of fossil energy during their manufacture (thanks to solar energy...). We are gradually replacing our plastic packaging with cardboard. We prefer raw materials that are more environmentally friendly and require less or no water during cultivation.

transport Kadolis


By producing in Europe, we limit the carbon impact by avoiding transcontinental container journeys. We also deliver some of our vacuum-rolled mattresses for children and adults to save space in transport vehicles, so fewer trips. We choose our carriers/deliverers according to their carbon footprint by favouring electric vehicles.

locaux Kadolis

Kadolis office

We have chosen more ecological offices, without air-conditioning thanks to a judicious design, we also reduce our energy consumption thanks to technical investments (LEDs, reduced and better managed heating). We sort and reduce our waste as much as possible, (for example by using loose coffee and tea instead of pods).

Choose a sustainable economy

economie Kadolis

We choose our suppliers and collaborators according to common values in order to create strong bonds of trust and improve our flexibility. We focus on the customer experience and attach great importance to customer feedback in order to adapt our ranges and products and avoid returns.

All our products are made in Europe

In order to regularly check our products and to be as reactive as possible, we give priority to the local and French and/or European manufacturing of our products. We have about twenty partners in France, Spain and Portugal who participate in the creation and development of the Kadolis collections.   We also favour materials sourced in Europe (where possible). The products we sell are controlled by the European authorities and reflect our commitment to made in Europe.

europe Kadolis

For all deliveries outside Europe, we donate 1€ per order to Up2Green reforestation.  

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