In the middle of winter, how to best protect your child against the cold and how to avoid the little winter illnesses? Here are a few easy-to-follow tips to get your baby through the winter in great shape.
Whether it's for small daily trips or during a vacation in the mountains, freezing temperatures should not prevent your baby from going out. On the contrary, it is advisable to take your baby out in all weathers, but you must be careful to protect him or her.

To dress baby, choose multi-layer clothes

Rather than putting baby in a pilot suit or an ultra warm down jacket, opt for thin layers: a long-sleeved bodysuit, preferably in organic cotton, a long-sleeved T-shirt, a sweater, a vest, a jacket. For the bottom think of tights or leggings under the pants even for the small boys. Dressing is a little longer, but it's also much easier to discover baby when you go into a warm place.

A very nice set of 3 long sleeve bodysuits in organic cotton to offer a maximum of warmth and softness to babies.

Don't forget to protect the extremities. We all get cold by the feet, hands and especially by the head, so it is essential to wear a cap when the temperature is very low. Baby is even more vulnerable because he is not moving, so don't forget to protect his head with a warm hat, his hands with mittens and his feet with thick socks and stuffed booties.

Going for a walk with baby this winter

During walks, warm up your baby even if you use a baby carrier. It is true that if you put baby in a baby carrier, he will benefit from the warmth of your body, but make sure he can move his legs to avoid frostbite.
In the stroller, remember to cover your baby with a soft, warm blanket and remove it as soon as you enter a heated area.

Avoid going out for too long. When it's very cold, limit outings to one hour, even if it means going out several times during the day. The hours between 11am and 4pm are best, as these are generally the hours when it is least cold and the sun is out.

Avoid large temperature differences. When you go from an outside temperature of -10° to an overheated atmosphere of 23°, the risk of colds and other winter illnesses is increased.

In the baby's room, do not overheat, maintain a temperature between 18° and 20°. Dress baby with a long-sleeved bodysuit, pajamas and a sleeping bag. Choose natural materials such as organic cotton, which allow for better air circulation and moisture evacuation.