When you live in a small apartment and your baby arrives, it is sometimes necessary to stay in the same room for a while, just long enough to move to a larger apartment, but how can you arrange the sleeping area so that everyone can feel good about it?

Keep only the elements for sleeping in the room, the changing table will be placed in the bathroom, so you will have easier access to water, if the bathroom is very small you can opt for a wall-mounted changing table which, when folded down, is only about ten centimetres thick.

Keep only the items you really need in the room, for example, for clothes, try to keep only clothes from the current season and store the others outside the room, so that you can free up space for baby clothes in your dressing room, and don’t clutter up with bodies that have become too small or 18-month-old clothes that you received as birth gifts, make boxes by age and store them outside the room.

To live together in the same room with your baby there are two solutions:

If you want to have your baby close to you so that you always have an eye on him, then choose a cradle near your bed, for example, you can choose a cododo cradle that you can hang on the box spring of your bed. cododo allows you to be close to the child and facilitates breastfeeding, it is also a good solution when your baby is premature, when he needs to feel close to his parents.

If you want to create two different spaces in the room, you will need to find a solution that allows you to separate the spaces without taking up too much space, you can use furniture or a draft shield to create this separation.

If you create two spaces in one room it is important that everyone finds their own style and decoration, if you don’t want to sleep in a nursery, so don’t hesitate to decorate the nursery with pretty garlands of light, you can add decorative stickers on the walls and especially bet on a pretty baby bed linen and a pretty sleeping bag.

On the parents’ side, create a little love cocoon by choosing trendy decorative items and bed linen, it is quite possible to create two totally different spaces in the same room, if the walls are white you can easily arrange two separate spaces by playing only on the decoration so that everyone feels good in their sleeping space.