When looking for the best mattress for your baby, it's essential to consider a number of factors to ensure his or her comfort, safety and well-being. Babies spend most of their time sleeping, so choosing the right mattress is essential to their development and health.

Here's a detailed guide to the best natural baby mattresses in 2024, along with features to consider when choosing.

The 5 best natural mattresses

Top 1: Natural crib mattresses

CHANVRENATURA crib mattress

is the most natural and local mattress in our collection!

The Chanvrenatura mattress is ideal for parents looking for a natural, ultra-comfortable mattress with a unique composition.

It features a 100% natural core that combines hemp, coconut fiber and natural latex for unrivalled breathability and first-rate comfort. This combination of natural materials is perfect for good air circulation between the fibers. The good ventilation of the mattress guarantees an optimal and constant sleeping temperature for baby.

Thanks to this natural mattress, toddlers who have difficulty regulating their temperature sweat less and wake up less often during the night.

The breathable qualities of this mattress are accentuated by a quilted cover in TENCEL™ and linen with organic wool padding. A combination of noble materials, all recognized for their thermoregulatory virtues.

Advantages of the CHANVRENATURA baby mattress

  • Guaranteed chemical-free and OEKO-TEX® certified
  • The most natural mattress in our range
  • Delivered in a plastic-free box
features of the CHANVRENATURA® baby mattress :
  • Removable cover : Yes
  • Firmness : Medium-high
  • Thickness: 12 cm
  • Sizes: 60 x 120 cm, 60 x 140 cm, 70 x 140 cm or custom-made!
  • Certificate: OEKO-TEX® no. 2017OK0549
  • Warranty: 5 years

Top 2: Natural crib mattress

COCOLATEX® crib mattress 76X30 cm

For optimum comfort in a bassinet, discover the special cocolatex bassinet mattress. A natural mattress that combines all the qualities of the famous cocolatex mattress in a size adapted to the bassinet. Thanks to natural latex and coconut fiber, the cocolatex bassinet mattress offers an ideal compromise between softness and support for your baby.

Coconut fiber ensures perfect air circulation for a natural anti-allergic action and good moisture evacuation. Latex offers ultra-comfortable support for baby's restful sleep. The cocolatex crib mattress perfectly regulates baby's temperature and is ideal in all seasons.

The cocolatex crib mattress features a TENCEL™ cover and wool padding for soft comfort. It offers great breathability, improves sleep and regulates temperature.

Mattress with 100% natural core for healthier sleep for baby!

COCOLATEX® bassinet mattress features:

  • Removable cover : Yes
  • Firmness : Medium-high
  • Thickness: 5 cm
  • Size: 76x30 cm
  • Certificate: OEKO-TEX® no. 2017OK0549
  • Warranty: 5 years

Top 3: Cocolatex crib mattresses

COCOLATEX® eco-friendly crib mattressThe

COCOLATEX® crib mattress featuresa layer of 100% naturalcoconut fiber that guarantees perfect support for the child's body, and a layer of 100% natural latex that provides soft, ultra-comfortable padding

. Thanks to its breathable natural fibers, the COCOLATEX® crib mattress perfectly regulates baby's temperature, preventing the excessive sweating so common among children, often the cause of many night-time awakenings

The benefits of the COCOLATEX® baby mattress:

  • Guaranteed chemical-free and OEKO-TEX® certified
  • Excellent temperature regulation for the child
  • Mattress delivered in a box to eliminate plastic from our packaging
cOCOLATEX® baby mattress features:
  • Removable cover: Yes
  • Firmness: Medium-high
  • Thickness: 12 cm
  • Sizes: 60 x 120 cm, 60 x 140 cm, 70 x 140 cm or custom-made!
  • Certificate : OEKO-TEX® no. 2017OK0549
  • Warranty : 5 years

Top 4: natural cradle mattresses

COCOLATEX® cradle mattress

Offer your baby maximum comfort and ultra-healthy rest from the very first days of life with the COCOLATEX® crib mattress. An ideal compromise between softness and support thanks to the core composed of a layer of natural latex (97% purity index) and a layer of coconut fiber, with a TENCEL™ polyester cover for plush comfort.

The coco part ensures perfect air circulation between the fibers, limiting the proliferation of dust mites and bacteria.

Natural latex ensures a constant temperature and naturally repels dust mites.

The COCOLATEX® mattress is therefore naturally antiperspirant and contains no chemical treatments to protect babies' health.

The density and suppleness of the COCOLATEX® mattress guarantee good support for baby's body during the first months in bed.

The natural COCOLATEX® mattress perfectly regulates baby's temperature, making it ideal all year round. Thanks to its natural materials, air circulation is optimal, moisture is better evacuated, baby sweats less and sleeps better.

With the option of ordering a made-to-measure mattress!

COCOLATEX® cradle mattress features:

  • Removable : Yes
  • Firmness : Medium-high
  • Thickness: 5 cm
  • Sizes: 40 x 80 cm, 40 x 90 cm, 45 x 90 cm, 50 x 83 cm and made-to-measure
  • Certificate: OEKO-TEX® no. 2017OK0549
  • Warranty: 5 years

Top 5: Cocolatex park mattresses

COCOLATEX® playpen mattress 95x75x5cm

Give your child a healthier, more natural play space with this cocolatex playpen mattress. Discover all the advantages of coir fiber: its breathable qualities are ideal for a mattress laid on the ground. Its anti-allergenic and anti-fungal qualities make this mattress healthier for your child. The natural latex surface layer provides a pleasant, comfortable cushion for your baby during play. Your child can lie or sit on it.

This natural playpen mattress is fully removable and its cover is machine washable at 30°, so you can offer your baby a clean, healthy play space day after day.

COCOLATEX® playpen mattress features:

  • Removable covers : Yes
  • Thickness: 5 cm
  • Size: 95 x 75 cm
  • Certificate: OEKO-TEX® No. 2017OK0549
  • Warranty : 5 years

Features to consider when choosing a mattress for your baby

Baby mattress dimensions

When it comes to choosing a mattress for your baby's cot, dimensions are a crucial factor to consider. It must fit snugly into the crib, leaving no gaps that could pose a suffocation hazard to the baby.

Firmness and weight

The firmness of the mattress is essential to properly support the baby's spine, to allow the baby's skull to develop properly and to prevent the risk of suffocation. The mattress should not be too hard, as this would exert more pressure than necessary, but neither should it be too soft, as this would cause the baby to sink in and make breathing difficult.

Mattress care

Hygiene is essential when it comes to baby's sleeping environment. Look for mattresses with removable, washable covers.


Breathable mattresses allow good air circulation, which helps prevent heat build-up and the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and dust mites.

Baby-friendly materials

Opt for mattresses made from natural, organic materials, free from toxic substances and harmful chemicals that can harm your baby's health. The best natural materials for your baby's mattress are :

  • Latex

Latex offers optimum comfort, ease and support for your baby. It relieves pressure points on the body and provides an enveloping feeling of comfort. Latex mattresses are naturally more breathable, antibacterial, resistant to dust mites and require no chemical treatment.

  • Organic cotton

Organic cotton, used in the manufacture of bed linen and blankets, is in direct contact with the skin. Opting for pesticide-free organic cotton reduces the risk of allergies and skin rashes. It is therefore particularly recommended for babies and young children.

  • Coconut fiber

Coconut fiber is used in mattresses for its air circulation properties, moisture resistance and ability to repel dust mites and bacteria. This allows your baby to breathe and better regulate body temperature.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera, found in mattress covers, provides antibacterial and anti-allergic properties that contribute to quality rest, without the need to apply chemicals.


Coconut fiber is used in mattress manufacture for its air circulation properties, moisture resistance and ability to repel dust mites and bacteria. This allows your baby to breathe and better regulate body temperature.

Guarantee and safety when buying a mattress

Make sure the mattress comes with a guarantee of quality and durability, as well as return conditions that give you peace of mind. Oeko-Tex certifications guarantee that the mattress is free from harmful substances, sustainably produced and ecologically safe for babies.

Why choose a natural mattress?

First of all, natural mattresses are free from the chemicals and toxins often found in synthetic mattresses. Babies have delicate skin and are more likely to develop allergies and skin irritations. Natural materials reduce the risk of exposure to harmful substances, which can contribute to more restful sleep and healthier skin for the baby.

What's more, natural mattresses are breathable and regulate temperature more effectively than synthetic mattresses. This is crucial for babies, as it helps them stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, reducing the risk of overheating and facilitating deeper, more restorative sleep.

Natural materials also have anti-microbial and anti-dust mite properties, helping to prevent the build-up of allergens and bacteria in the mattress. This is particularly important for babies, who may spend many hours sleeping in their cribs. A natural mattress guarantees a cleaner, healthier sleeping environment, promoting baby's general well-being.

FAQS - Frequently asked questions about baby mattresses

Which mattress do pediatricians recommend?

The AEP (Spanish Association of Pediatrics) states that a baby's mattress should be firm to prevent sinking, resistant and allow perspiration. It's important that it's the right size for the crib, as a mattress that's too small could leave gaps where the child could trap a leg or arm. It can be made of springs, latex or viscoelastic. We recommend placing the mattress in a zipped cover and using a mattress protector to keep it clean and in good condition.

What's the best type of baby mattress?

There's no such thing as the "best" baby mattress, but there are some features you can look for in mattresses to make them as healthy and comfortable as possible for your child. It's important that they are made from natural materials, without toxic substances or chemicals, and that they are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite. In this way, they offer your baby a safe place to sleep.

What type of mattress is healthiest?

Hypoallergenic mattresses are recommended for babies to care for their skin and avoid allergies or sensitivities. It's essential to choose a mattress that contains no harmful chemicals to guarantee your baby's safety.