A recent study by researchers at the University of Michigan in the United States studied the sleep patterns of people in more than 100 countries around the world and ranked the countries where people sleep the longest.

Thus we discover that the country where the inhabitants sleep the longest is: the Netherlands with an average of 8h12 of sleep per night, then New Zealand and in third position France with 8h03 of sleep.

Also at the bottom of the ranking, i.e. the countries where one sleeps the least, are Singapore with 7h24, Japan with 7h31 and Brazil with 7h35.

The differences may seem quite insignificant, but the researchers point out that only half an hour more or less in a night’s sleep can have an impact on health and cognitive functions, and therefore on the ability to approach the next day.

It is also shown that women sleep more than men, as their sleep time is reported to be 22 minutes longer per night.

Sleeping time also varies according to age because 18-34 year olds generally sleep 7 hours without interruption, while between 35 and 60 years old we would sleep only 6h50 in total.