Sleep is an essential part of our lives. What's more, the time we spend sleeping must be restful, pleasant and of good quality.

That's why we need box springs, mattresses and pillows that offer maximum comfort, so we can get the sleep we deserve. But if resting the body is essential, so too is resting the mind.

The hectic pace of our lives, bad habits and the stress of everyday life are the main factors that make quality sleep more difficult.

Here are 5 mindfulness exercises to help you sleep better.

Take note and put them into practice!

1. Know and control your breathing

Breathing is an essential mindfulness exercise for sleep. Therefore, before going to bed, you need to prepare yourself in a quiet space, even if you can light candles to help you relax the atmosphere even more, and focus all your thoughts on your own breathing.

Breathing correctly is essential to achieving the state of calm we seek before falling asleep. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing in and out, slowly, visualizing inside yourself how air enters your lungs through your nose and how you exhale it through your mouth.

Repeating this type of relaxation helps to relax muscles and reduce tension.

The body learns to identify these breaths with the need to stop, switch off and calm down - an ideal state for going to bed!

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2. Body relaxation

Another highly effective mindfulness exercise for sleep is to achieve complete body relaxation. To achieve this, our mind needs to focus on each and every one of our muscles.

This exercise is called "body scan", and should be performed in a very comfortable, fully stretched position. The introduction of scents, such as lavender, can be very beneficial in achieving this state of concentration.

The exercise consists in visualizing all our muscles in our mind, one by one. Understand the state of each of them, contract them and then relax them.

The time required for this exercise is longer, as we need to go slowly and feel each of our muscles to be able to relax them correctly.

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3. Let your mind guide you to your favorite destination

Relaxation is linked to emotions, so it's useful to let our minds transport us to that specific place where we feel calm, safe and relaxed.

It's very effective to use this mindfulness practice to sleep.

It doesn't always have to be the same place - sometimes you can focus on a deserted beach, where the sound of the waves lulls you, a gentle breeze brushes your face and the smell of salt caresses your nostrils. At other times, you may transport yourself to a verdant mountain setting, where hundreds of trees dance to the rhythm of the wind, the sun's rays gently caress you with their movements and the sound of water or birds conveys the peace you're looking for. To fall asleep after this mental journey is to achieve a totally restorative sleep.

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4. Exercise

The habits we adopt during the day are, as we've said, highly influential on our sleep. That's why sport is essential for every individual, as it releases tension and prepares the body for better sleep.

5. Eating habits

diet is vital, not just for sleep, but for the health of the body and mind.

It's very important not to eat large meals before going to bed, to eat a healthy, balanced diet throughout the day, to drink plenty of water and even herbal teas, and to eat the portions of fruit recommended by the experts.

A good diet helps our bodies to be less overloaded and stressed, which makes it much easier for us to reach a state of calm, peace and relaxation.

Get the sleep you deserve!