Some babies (or children...) have a hard time sleeping because they feel a real separation from their parents; going to sleep is an unbearable isolation and separation that causes great stress and crying; babies or grandchildren do not understand the value of going to sleep and the benefits they could gain from it; they feel that the sleep period is a waste of time when they could have continued to play or stay in Mom’s arms; they feel that parents are getting rid of them by putting them in the

To avoid crying every night, it is important to give your baby a positive image of his bed: first of all, his room must be pleasant, tidy, decorated with soft colours so that baby feels a feeling of calm when he enters it, he must feel good in his bed but be careful not to store all his favourite plush toys, it could be dangerous. wrap baby in a soft and comfortable sleeping bag (for older children choose a soft duvet with a pretty duvet cover) and don’t forget his comfort blanket

Explain to your child the beneficial role of sleep, insisting that it is imperative to sleep to grow up well, to be fit to play the next day, and that you are happy to go to bed, that on weekends you like to take a nap (if you have time!....) because it gives you a lot of well-being.

Set up a ritual before going to sleep and remember to remind your child that you will find him or her the next morning.

Be careful, if you are tired or overwhelmed after a day’s work, don’t make your child feel that you are in a hurry to get to bed so that you can be quiet ! he will feel it and this will only increase his stress and delay his sleep...