Babies sometimes have trouble falling asleep and this can be a source of stress for the whole family because it is often when everyone is tired that baby wants to keep chirping and crying every time we try to put him to bed....

Here are some tips to help you make it easier for your baby to fall asleep:

Give your baby a bath: the bath has soothing properties, it relaxes muscles and reminds toddlers of the sensations they had in their mother’s womb, so bathing baby just before going to bed helps to make it easier for them to fall asleep, and after bathing, wrap baby in soft pajamas and a pretty sleeping bag before putting him to bed.

Pendulum movements: rocking baby to sleep is a practice that has proven its worth for generations: you can rock baby in your arms, but also by holding him against you in a rocking chair or positioning the child in a deckchair with soft pendulum movements.

Sing him a lullaby: it is well known that music softens mores, parents have always sung soothing songs to put children to sleep and even if this practice tends to disappear it is still very effective!

Rubbing your baby’s back: even if it is advisable to lay baby on his back, you can position him on his stomach when sleeping and rub his back by turning your hand clockwise to soothe him and relieve him in case of digestive problems.

Massage your baby: for this, no need to take massage classes, all massages are soothing as long as they are gentle, take your time and enjoy this moment of exchange with your child, you can massage the back, but also the baby’s feet to calm him.