In hot weather it is not always easy to get to sleep, as it is difficult to fall asleep, we often delay bedtime, we wake up at night sweating, and it is in the early morning, when it is a little cooler that it would be nice to sleep but the alarm clock rings!

For toddlers the problem also arises, when it is very hot babies are often irritated, in a bad mood, sweat a lot and have trouble sleeping, it is important to know that before 18 months the baby’s temperature regulation system is not fully operational, which is why babies often have a higher temperature than adults and sweat a lot especially at night. here are some tips to help them lower their internal temperature and sleep better.

Refresh the room

In summer, and especially in hot weather, it is difficult to keep the temperature below 20°C, so to cool your child’s room, think about airing early in the morning to keep it cool and close the shutters during the day.

If you use a fan, make sure not to direct it directly to your baby so as not to create a draught, but you can place a bottle of ice water in front of the fan in a corner of the room, which will cool the room without creating a thermal shock on your child.

If the room has an air conditioning system, it is advisable to turn it on 2 hours before installing baby, so that he can fall asleep in a cool room, but not to leave the air conditioning on all night because it dries the air and mucous membranes and can block the nose of toddlers.

Refresh baby

To lower your body temperature, think about bathing a few degrees below body temperature, or putting a fresh washcloth on baby’s legs and arms before he falls asleep, avoid putting your child to sleep in a diaper as it could get cold at night, dress him with a short-sleeved cotton bodysuit or in an Organic Cotton sleeping bag that ensures good moisture evacuation.

Moisturize baby

Above all, remember to hydrate your child, offer him to drink more often than usual, make him drink mainly water, if he still drinks milk bottles, do not warm them up, give him at room temperature.