Baby nappies are an essential item in a newborn’s suitcase, yet some mothers don’t know how to use them. Let’s take a look at all the uses of this "must-have" in baby’s trousseau.

A nappy is a square piece of fabric, available in different sizes, it must be made of a thin, absorbent and quick-drying material. As it will very often be in contact with baby it is preferable to choose a natural material, the Organic Cotton nappy isto be preferred, softer and healthier for baby.

The nappy can be used as a blanket

In the summer, during a picnic with friends or family, take advantage of this opportunity to put baby on the grass, thanks to the nappy, he will be perfectly protected from the ground. The nappy can also be used as protection against the sun, a nappy in Organic Cotton muslin is thin and breathable, so it can be used to cover the stroller when the sun’s rays are too strong for baby without trapping heat. For these uses it is advisable to choose maxi nappies in size 120x120 cm.

Nappies as a changing mat

When traveling with baby, it is difficult to carry all the toiletries, so for light travel, use the diaper as a changing mat if you need to change baby on a bed or table. The nappy will provide a soft touch to which baby’s little buttocks will be sensitive! What’s more, once folded, it takes up very little space in the changing bag.

Nappies as a bib

When baby drinks his bottle, it is imperative to protect his clothes, did you forget to bring a bib? No problem, the diaper will do the job perfectly! It is possible to tie the nappy around baby’s neck, or simply put it on his chest while he is drinking his bottle. You can also use it to protect your shoulder when baby burps. In case of regurgitation, no problem, the nappy is easy to wash and dries quickly.

The nappy as a mattress protector

In the crib, as in a cradle or pram, the mattress is protected by a draw sheet and then by a fitted sheet. But sometimes baby can quickly get the top of the mattress dirty: perspiration on the head, regurgitation,... You can place a nappy under baby’s head so that you don’t have to change the fitted sheet every day. Choose a nappy that is wider than the mattress so that it can be tucked in on each side to keep it firmly in place.

See you soon to discover other uses for baby nappies...