The cuddly toy is undoubtedly the most important object in the eyes of your child. It comes in the form of a plush toy, a diaper, a cloth doll, in all cases it is an object with a soft touch that helps to reassure baby and console him in case of a big sorrow. But why is it so important for toddlers?

The comforter, the transitional object so important for baby!

When baby is newborn, he doesn’t feel the need to have a cuddly toy yet, it is often the parents or the baby’s entourage who decide to offer a soft plush toy adapted to baby’s little hands that will be able to comfort him in case of crying. As for the child, he doesn’t really need a soft toy but rather his mother, whom he can’t do without.
The cuddly toy really takes its place when the mother goes back to work and has to separate herself from her child. The cuddly toy then becomes the transitional object, the one that makes the link with the absent mother, the one whose smell reminds the reassuring little cocoon that is the house.

Away from his home and his parents, the baby feels the need to hug his blanket, this reassuring object that the child carries everywhere with him and that will often help him calm his anxieties and soothe himself to sleep. He will also be very happy to hold it close to him when he wakes up to reassure himself, when he is all alone in his bed (at home, at the nanny’s or at the nursery).

The cuddly toy, a special companion in difficult times

The cuddly toy helps accompany the child in "difficult" moments or to face new situations, such as going back to school for example. This diaper or small stuffed animal gives him a feeling of security.

The importance of the cuddly toy should not be overlooked; this object is very important in the psychological construction of the child. He will naturally separate himself from it when he will have grown up, when he will feel able to move forward alone in life without his little companion.

The choice of the doudou for baby

To respect baby’s health and safety, it is important to choose a comforter that is guaranteed to be chemical-free, and made of natural materials if possible. An Organic Cotton diaper or a comforter in Organic Cotton is the ideal object, it brings a lot of softness and preserves the fragile skin of children, even the most sensitive skins. Baby often wears his blanket on his face, he puts it in his mouth, rubs his eyes with it, it is therefore essential to choose a blanket without chemical treatment.

Often the blanket is such an important object for the child that it is impossible for him to separate from it. It becomes difficult for parents to wash it, not to mention the drama when it is left at the nursery or forgotten at grandma’s house! That’s why it’s advisable to get a duplicate of the blanket as soon as possible, a second identical copy that will avoid crises when the other one is in the washing machine.