You may have wondered at what age you should buy a pillow for your baby. It's a more important decision than it seems. We'll try to answer any questions you may have on the subject.

Baby pillows in the early years

This is probably one of the most interesting topics in the world of childhood, because if there's one thing parents want when they put their baby to bed, it's for him to get the rest he deserves. What do the experts say about this?

For the past few years, everyone seems to agree that baby pillows should be used starting at age 3. There are several reasons for delaying this time. The first is due to their body proportions. Because their heads are larger, the pillow unconsciously causes them to bend their necks into an uncomfortable position. Also, for the neck to develop properly, it is important to keep it free and clear.

An even more important reason is the risk of suffocation. If a baby moves around a lot during sleep, he can put his head under the pillow and have difficulty breathing.

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From what age can baby sleep on his stomach?

From what age can baby sleep on his stomach? Kadolis

No pillows for baby but a natural mattress

During the first months, it is important that the child sleeps safely, that is to say on a natural mattress of firm density, a mattress without chemical treatment and with a removable cover so that the cover can be washed regularly. Above all, make sure that nothing obstructs the crib, no comforter or blanket. The baby should sleep in a sleeping bag and there should be no objects in the way of breathing.

In case of colds or breathing difficulties, the upper part of the child's body can be slightly raised with a slope that is exactly the same size as the bed.

At Kadolis, you will find models such as the aloe vera slider for cribs. It is a surface designed to relieve babies who suffer from spit-up while sleeping, but also to facilitate their breathing when they have a cold.

Aloe Vera is ideal for the sensitive skin of very young babies, especially those who tend to have allergies.

- The inclination of the plan is 15°, ideal to ensure a quality sleep.- Don't forget to place it on top of the mattress.

When can a baby sleep with a pillow?

from the age of three, a new stage full of changes arrives, which also influences the baby's sleep. It is now possible to improve your child's sleeping comfort with a pillow that is not too thick. If it is bulky, it could interfere with the proper positioning of the spine.

The different pillows for babies

But before the age of 3, it is possible to add a pillow to the bed for specific moments, such as story time or in the minutes before falling asleep. In any case, it is important that it respects the natural curve of your baby's neck and that it is breathable, for better temperature regulation.

Choose a pillow made from natural materials because it allows air to circulate. Organic pillows without chemical treatment (anti-mite treatments are insecticidal) and OEKO-TEX® certified are a good option.

The Hawi Tencel and Organic Cotton pillow

We like it for its softness and flexibility, because it respects the position of the head and the cervical vertebrae while being breathable. It is made of Organic Cotton and Tencel, a natural fiber derived from eucalyptus pulp. Thanks to this combination, excessive perspiration is limited. Therefore, it also prevents the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, it is easy to remove and machine washable.

Maui Organic Cotton pillow

Incredibly soft, it adapts to the baby's morphology for a unique comfort. It also ensures a reduced perspiration thanks to its 100% Organic Cotton cover.

Feather and cotton pillow

The sensation of the feather filling is unique and offers an exceptional comfort. It is 100% natural and returns to its initial fill each morning. It also provides good thermal insulation and prevents excessive sweating.

It is perfect for all seasons and you can choose between a rectangular or square shape to suit your baby's sleeping position.

A waterproof pillowcase for baby

Children tend to sweat a lot through their scalp, so a pillow protector is essential to keep the pillow in perfect condition. If it is made of Organic Cotton, it is even better because it guarantees hygiene. The great advantage of the Kadolis pillow protector? You can use it on all the pillows in your family.

What is the OEKO-TEX® certificate for baby pillows?

At Kadolis, we also have a dream: that babies sleep in the healthiest way possible. That's why all our pillows have been awarded the OEKO-TEX® certificate, the world's most widely used eco-label, which guarantees that the product has been tested for over 300 harmful substances. Your baby will benefit from an ultra-healthy environment and you will also sleep more peacefully.