During the preparation of the baby’s room, all the attention goes to the decoration, the choice of curtains, the choice of the chest of drawers, but we must not forget that the most important thing in a room, especially in a baby’s room, is the bed. Baby will spend more than 12 hours a day in his bed, so he must be as comfortable and safe as possible.
One of the essential elements of the crib is an invisible element that is sometimes forgotten: the draw sheet, an essential item to be positioned between the mattress and the fitted sheet that protects the mattress against all of baby’s little accidents.

The evolution of the draw sheet over the years

Do you remember the shorts your parents or grandparents used? They were PVC shorts that rustled with every movement and made you sweat.
Indeed, at the time there were 2 types of shorts: PVC mattress pads that looked like plastic sheets that protected the mattress very well but were very unpleasant, these mattress pads were neither absorbent nor breathable, so the child woke up completely wet with perspiration.
In the event of a pee accident, the child would stay totally soaked all night. But the mattress was totally protected!
There was a second type of mattress protector: the thick cotton mattress pads, they offered a pleasant and soft contact but had a major disadvantage: they did not protect the mattress!

The new available shims

Currently available mattresses are made of two different materials, which allows them to be both soft and breathable. Some pads still contain PVC (impermeable but absolutely not breathable), but the best performing ones contain a polyurethane side, a material that is both breathable and impermeable and has the capacity to retain liquids while allowing air to pass through. The polyurethane mattress pads therefore protect the mattress while providing an ideal sleeping quality, without causing excessive perspiration or noise when changing positions.
The new breathable mats have a natural fibre side: bamboo viscose or Organic Cotton for an ultra soft contact and a healthier environment in baby’s room.

All sizes of bed sheets

If yesterday the mattress pads were only available for classic crib sizes, today it is possible to find a breathable mattress pad for all mattress sizes. There are mattress pads that adapt to the different sizes of crib: 60x120 cm or 70x140 cm, but also mattress pads for cradles and prams of different sizes, and even mattress pads for bassinets.
For older children, it is possible to find mattress pads for children’s mattresses and mattress pads for adult mattresses in different sizes.
The new mattress pads are available as fitted sheets with wide elasticated cups for easy fitting on the mattress. The draw sheet should be covered with a fitted sheet for optimum comfort.

Shock pads without chemical treatment

For everyone to enjoy a healthy and natural sleep, it is imperative to choose a mat without chemical treatment. It is out of the question to sleep, or to make your child sleep, in contact with chemical insecticides throughout the night. Simply wash the pad regularly to ensure perfect anti-dust mite and antibacterial protection.