Going on holiday is always a happy event, we travel, we change our horizon, we change our rhythm, but all these changes of habit sometimes have a negative consequence on our sleep and on the sleep of the children. How can we sleep well even on holiday and take full advantage of this soothing period?

Sleeping on the way to the holidays

Whether you travel by car, train or plane, it is not always easy to sleep in a seated position, so the travel pillow is an indispensable accessory! This cushion is designed to wrap around your neck to support your head and avoid neck pain. Choose a travel pillow that is firm enough so that it doesn’t crush under the weight of your head, and if possible choose a travel pillow with a removable cover, so that you can wash the cover after each trip. As with all accessories that come into contact with your skin, it is best to choose your own pillow. travel pillow in Organic Cotton to avoid contact with chemicals.

If you are one of those people who can only sleep in complete darkness, you will certainly need a night mask. Applied to your eyes, this mask guarantees you the ideal darkness for a nap in the car or on the train. Choose a Organic Cotton maskThe soft touch and guaranteed without chemical treatment, an essential asset for an accessory that will be placed on one of the most fragile areas of the face!
Equipped with a night mask and a travel pillow, you will be able to take advantage of your trip to rest and arrive at your holiday destination in great shape!

Sleeping well on holiday

Changing bedding can sometimes be a cause of poor sleep, unfortunately for adults there is no miracle solution. However, for babies, you can opt for a travel mattressA small 5 cm thick mattress that rolls up for easy transportation. Among the travel mattresses available on the market, prefer removable mattresses whose covers can be washed to ensure a healthier sleep for your baby. You should also choose a travel mattress made of natural material and guaranteed without chemical treatment. As with all mattresses, you should use a breathable mattress protector and an Organic Cotton fitted sheet for a softer, healthier feel.
Thanks to this comfortable travel mattressYour baby will enjoy an ideal night’s sleep at your holiday destination.