It takes place twice a year, every year and yet you never get used to it: the time change ! when you are a parent it even becomes a real anguish. how will my baby react to this change, how can I help him so that he is as undisturbed as possible?

The next daylight saving time changeover will take place on March 27 at 2 a.m., we will move our clock forward by one hour and therefore sleep one hour less.

This change can lead to sleep, mood and even appetite disorders in some children, and to limit these inconveniences as much as possible, it is necessary to anticipate the change.

You can, the week before the time change, start gradually shifting meal times, wake-up time and bedtime by 10 minutes a day for 6 days, baby will be well positioned on D-day!

The most reluctant parents will say: "Okay for mealtimes but in the evening, my child will never want to sleep if it is still daytime..." You can then cheat by closing the shutters in his room a little earlier in the evening, if necessary add a blackout blind, and by putting more light in the morning.

Know that the best way to make everything go well is to remain zen and not make the time change an important event, the less importance you give to it, the better it will go.

If with all these precautions some inconveniences remain, know that they will only last a few days, be patient!