Going on holiday with baby requires a minimum of organisation, you have to try to plan everything!

The first piece of advice is to prepare your belongings in advance. There’s no question of preparing your suitcase the day before for the next day. Make a list so that you don’t forget anything and start packing your bags a few days in advance.

Draw up a real checklist by category:






To make travelling with baby on holiday easier, opt for a baby carrier rather than a pushchair, as it is less cumbersome and more versatile.

Remember to take an insulated bag to carry bottles. To be sure of hygiene wherever you go, think of sterilisation tablets.

For baby’s comfort it is important to take a folding bed or if your holiday destination has a cot, take a baby travel mattress with a fitted sheet. This way, your baby will be able to sleep as comfortably as in his own bed.

Take enough clothes with you so that you don’t have to do too much washing on the spot. Take clothes that are adapted to your destination.

If you are going to the mountains with your baby, bring warm clothes, even if it is often hot in April. Don’t forget to cover baby’s head with a hat or cap depending on the temperature, and don’t forget sunglasses because the reflection of the sun’s rays on the snow can cause serious damage to the eyes.

If you are taking your baby out in the sun, sunglasses are also essential, even if your baby is very small. Choose special sunglasses for your baby that are well adapted to the size of his head. Choose T-shirts rather than tank tops to protect small shoulders and opt for cotton, which is softer on the skin and easier to wash. Do not forget the sun cream, for the children prefer the total screen for 2 reasons:

It’s not the fashion for tanned babies!

By protecting your child’s skin from an early age, you will avoid melanoma in adulthood.

If you take the plane with baby, don’t forget to bring warm clothes because the air conditioning is formidable! Also bring a bottle of water to help him swallow during the landing and saline solution to prevent his eyes from drying out.

For car journeys, try to leave early in the morning so that baby can sleep and make sure he is comfortable in his car seat. If you use the air conditioning in your car, remember to cover baby with a light blanket.

A few days before you leave you can make an appointment with your paediatrician or general practitioner to check that your baby is in good shape. The doctor will be able to write a prescription for the medicines to take with you (at least a rehydration solution and something to bring down the fever), this allows you to leave reassured and it is always when you have everything at hand that nothing happens!

Don’t forget the health booklet and the essential phone numbers (doctor, insurance, mutual insurance company,...)