Sleeping baby on his stomach is formally proscribed by all specialists because this position presents many risks, however some children appreciate this comforting position and only fall asleep in this position, then when to sleep baby on his stomach without risk?

Why shouldn't baby sleep on his stomach during his first months?

All the specialists and the High Authority of Health (HAS) agree on one point: the position of sleeping on the stomach is to be proscribed. It is essential to put your baby to sleep on his back for a secure sleep and to prevent MIN (unexpected infant death syndrome).

Indeed, in the prone position, the risks of burial and hyperthermia are possible. It is also for this reason that it is formally disadvised to add pillows, cuddly toys or stuffed animals in the bed of children under one year old.

It is also not recommended to put your baby to sleep on his or her side, as this position is not stable and the child often tips over onto his or her stomach.

When can baby sleep on his stomach?

The tummy position offers advantages such as preventing plagiocephaly (flat head), or relieving colic.

It is possible to put your baby to sleep on his tummy during his awakening periods and under the supervision of the parents. It is advisable to accustom the child from the first months to play in this position for short periods (not more than 15 minutes) and several times a day, so that he strengthens his neck muscles and learns to raise his head.

It is only from 6 to 8 months that baby will have the strength to turn over by himself in his bed. This is the proof that his muscle tone is sufficient for him to be able to raise his head and change position by himself. But in any case, it is important to always put the child to sleep on his back without a pillow and in a sleeping bag as a precaution, at least until the age of one.

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