Kadolis baby mattresses are made without using a single drop of glue. Here's the story behind this incredible innovation and why it's so much healthier for your Baby's sleep.

Kadolis has always innovated to improve baby's sleep, for example by creating breathable baby mattresses with exceptional, natural fabrics. Kadolis also created the first removable baby mattresses for babies, an innovation that has almost become a benchmark for baby mattresses.

Nearly 5 years ago, we were looking for the perfect ecological glue to make our COCOLATEX baby mattress even better. However, our criteria were terribly draconian, and we hadn't found the perfect glue to preserve babies' health and be totally sure that babies wouldn't inhale anything in contact with their baby mattress,

So we decided that the best solution was to use no glue at all!

Based on this golden rule, the Kadolis technical teams worked on the best way to assemble our natural materials together without using glue, thanks to shape innovations that stabilize the materials with each other.

Today, the COCOLATEX baby mattress, the ALOE VERA baby mattress, the ALOENATURA mattress and the CHANVRENATURA baby mattress are made without using glue at all.

This exceptional innovation guarantees your baby a purer night's sleep, with no risk of breathing in chemical substances.

Today, Kadolis is the only company to manufacture all its baby mattresses without using any glue.