The natural materials chosen for mattresses are often much more long-lasting than synthetic materials such as polyurethane foam or polyether foam.

In fact, natural latex, for example, is a material with exceptional elasticity and durability properties, which can easily last for more than 12 years.  It's also interesting to note that synthetic latex, which incorporates a greater or lesser portion of latex foam, ages faster and more poorly than genuine natural latex,

Similarly, coconut fiber, which can also be used to create mattresses , is a neutral material that degrades poorly, and extremely slowly.  A mattress made entirely from coconut fiber could, in theory, be used for several decades.  That's why Kadolis has created a collection of Cocolatex mattresses that perfectly combine these two natural materials.

The only flaw that could occur over the years would be a slight settling of the Coconut fiber, but this is considerably less than the settling of foams or other synthetic materials.  Once again, a knockout victory for natural materials!

Finally, hemp is the absolute champion of natural mattress materials.  Hemp offers exceptional physical and mechanical properties over time. Hemp fibers are so resistant and sustainable that there are virtually no limits to their use over time.  Hemp is the number 1 material for mattress cores.

Another very important advantage of natural materials used for mattresses is that they ensure ideal moisture evacuation and therefore ageing in very good conditions for the raw materials. Perfect moisture evacuation helps prevent mold and mildew, and greatly slows the development of dust mites, much more effectively than chemical treatments.

In addition to the health and environmental benefits, using natural materials to create mattresses is an excellent way of ensuring that they last longer and are in excellent condition.  Thanks to their longevity, mattresses made from natural materials are less expensive than those made from synthetics, petroleum derivatives or other materials.