Do you know what amber is? It is a pine resin fossilized after several million years, from the Baltic Sea.

Amber has many therapeutic properties and stimulates the immune system. In the Middle Ages, during plague epidemics, it was used to fight viruses, it was burned as incense.

Amber is indicated in the case of infection of the respiratory tract and oral. That is why it is used in the form of necklace to reduce the pain of teething babies.

Amber would also have a beneficial effect on sleep, not only it would facilitate sleep but also avoid nightmares ...

Prized by athletes, it could relieve joint and muscle pain.

But how it works?

Amber contains 3 specific elements :

Succinic acid known for its antibacterial action, stimulates the immune system and fights against joint pain.

The camphor known for its cauterizing action (action on teething babies), and broncho-dilator (action on the airways).

The terpenes with heating properties (action on joint and muscle pain).

The necklace of amber acts as follows: it is magnetized in contact with the skin and is charged with negative ions that can de-stress and soothe. In contact with the heat of the skin, succinic acid, camphor and terpene oil are released and act as a kind of patch to form an exchange between the amber and the skin.

How to choose the amber necklace for his baby?

It is essential to choose an amber necklace completely secure, that is to say, equipped with a secure clasp that opens in case of tension to avoid any risk of strangulation, and a system of safety knot placed between each bead to limit the risk of ingestion in case of breakage of the necklace. You can also choose an amber bracelet.