Have you ever heard of the word "gigoteuse"? It's also the name given to the smallest baby sleeping bag, with straps or sleeves, in which baby spends his or her first nights. Before the baby is born, parents need to consider different options and discover the advantages of this product. We'll tell you all about it.

Why is the sleeping bag so popular?

Baby bed linen is a whole new world to discover. Even if parents follow doctor's recommendations or seek advice from family or friends, often the best ally for making decisions is personal experience or intuition. One of the first questions concerns baby sleeping bags. Before sharing a few options with you, we'd like to explain why you should put your trust in this product:

  • It's the only item that guarantees your baby a safe night's sleep.
  • What's more, it allows him to move freely throughout the night without uncovering himself or catching cold.
  • It also keeps children warm without the risk of suffocation.

Sleeping bags are used from birth and can be used until the child is 3 years old. We remind you that before the age of one, baby pillows, blankets and sheets should be avoided. Babies only need to sleep in a sleeping bag, which will allow them to breathe easily, without the risk of being trapped under a blanket or pillow.

3 keys to choosing the right sleeping bag for baby

A sleeping bag should fit your baby snugly.

  • From birth, choose a 0-6 month model, i.e. a 70 cm sleeping bag.
  • For premature babies, a maximum 60 cm sleeping bag is necessary, so that the child doesn't feel lost in a sleeping bag that's too big.
  • For babies aged 6 to 12 months, choose a sleeping bag measuring at least 90 cm. Some models are adjustable in length to suit the child's size, thanks to a snap-fastening system. Some models are available from 6 to 24 months.

You should also adapt the sleeping bag to the temperature of the room, ideally between 18°C and 19°C.

  • Check often that your baby isn't too hot, for example by placing your hand on his tummy, but also by checking that his hands are cool. If his hands are warm, he's too hot, so it's best to be aware of this, give him something to drink or turn down the heating
  • To choose the right sleeping bag in terms of warmth, you can follow the TOG index. This indicator takes into account the season and the temperature of the baby's room. The higher the TOG index, the warmer the sleeping bag. For example, in a bedroom at 18-19°C, with a romper and cotton pyjamas, a winter sleeping bag with a TOG2 index is recommended.
  • TOG 0.5 is reserved for summer sleeping bags, when temperatures are closer to 22-24°.

Choose organic cotton sleeping bags

This material has many qualities for soft, peaceful nights.

  • It ensures good air circulation between the fibers and good moisture evacuation, which limits the excessive sweating often seen in babies.
  • Organic cotton offers an ultra-soft feel, and is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making it ideal for sensitive, reactive skin.
  • All Kadolis sleeping bags are Oeko-Tex certified.

Here's what our baby sleeping bags look like

To help your child get the best possible sleep from his very first nights, you can opt for our crinkled organic cotton sleeping bag. Soft and breathable, it comes in a range of pastel colors, which also help stimulate your child's sleep. The long side and bottom zippers allow full opening, and the shoulder snaps make it easy for baby to settle in.

What's more, it comes with a small bag that can be used to store toys, pyjamas or stuffed animals. It can also become the bag that protects fragile clothes in your travel suitcase.

Its advantages: excellent air circulation, good moisture evacuation and optimal temperature regulation. Everything you need for a good night's sleep.

What are the advantages of a Tencel sleeping bag?

This fiber is a veritable revolution in breathable materials. Derived from eucalyptus pulp, one of its major advantages is that it helps to regulate temperature naturally. It also provides excellent moisture evacuation, offering warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

  • As it limits the development of bacteria and dust mites, this fiber requires no additional chemical treatment.
  • In a TENCEL™ sleeping bag, your child will always spend healthy, peaceful nights at the right temperature: baby sweats much less and sleeps much better!
  • It's a fiber that's as soft as silk and practically wrinkle-free - an advantage for baby care!

And for baby's first few weeks?

In that case, we recommend a 100% organic cotton nest. It's also ideal for stroller rides from 0 to 6 months. at home, simply unzip the hood and side zipper to keep your baby warm - without waking him up!

Why is the sleeping bag so practical?

You've already seen that there are many reasons to choose this accessory, but it's also worth remembering other advantages, for example:

  • They're machine-washable. However, avoid tumble-drying, which damages organic cotton.
  • They are safe, as long as there are no adhesive strips or long cords.
  • They're easy to use, with a zipper at the bottom for easy night-time changing.

Do you use a sleeping bag, and what are the requirements for choosing one? Don't forget that in our blog you'll find other topics to inspire you and get the best sleep for your little one.

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