We always want the best for our child, the best stroller, the best car seat and for the bedroom we want to create a cosy little cocoon. The creation of a healthy and comfortable environment for your child requires, above all, the choice of natural materials for the mattress and bed linen.

Natural materials limit the risk of allergies, they ensure better air circulation inside the mattress and therefore limit the child’s perspiration. Among the natural materials used in the composition of mattresses we find :

- Latex. Be careful to choose a natural latex. Made from the rubber tree, which grows mainly in the Amazon forest, latex is particularly comfortable and guarantees excellent support for baby’s body.

- Coir. Mattresses containing coconut fibre are the most breathable on the market. Coconut ensures excellent air circulation. It ensures a firm support. The combination of coconut fibre and latex in a baby mattress ensures an ideal sleeping environment.

- Tencel. Made from eucalyptus fibre, it has many qualities. It naturally repels dust mites and most bacteria. It regulates the temperature by providing a feeling of coolness in summer and warmth in winter, it is also very breathable. By entering the composition of the cover of a mattress it ensures a healthier and more comfortable bedding. It is also used in the composition of certain duvets and bed linen.

- Linen. The oldest fibre in the world with a natural thermoregulating power. It is a healthy material which has a beneficial effect on the skin, and is particularly suitable for direct contact as it does not cause irritation. Linen has a great capacity of absorption without ever being wet, it is particularly resistant. Linen is used in the composition of some bed linen.