Parents tend to be very demanding when it comes to choosing a mattress for their baby. We want the best for this fragile newborn, and we want a quality mattress to guarantee them a better night's sleep.

But, curiously, choosing a good mattress becomes more difficult when the baby moves on to the crib. The choice is reduced, and information is sometimes lacking. But don't be fooled into thinking that as children grow up and sleep through the night, mattress quality becomes less important. Choosing a children's mattress is just as crucial as choosing a baby's. Our children will use them for an average of 3 to 15 years. During this period, they will double in size and increase in weight considerably, so a quality mattress is essential.

What should I look for in a children's mattress?

Density and thickness

A child uses a single bed until at least the age of 15, and their weight can increase considerably in adolescence, so a mattress with a density of between 25 kg/m³ and 28 kg/m³ is recommended. For a child's mattress, the correct thickness is between 16 and 20 cm. A thicker mattress won't provide any extra comfort, and the mattress may protrude from the bed frame. Below this thickness, on the other hand, the mattress would be uncomfortable and would degrade too quickly.


Choose mattresses made from materials that allow air to circulate and regulate temperature. These features keep your child cool and prevent excessive sweating during the night. At Kadolis, we carefully select the materials that make up our mattresses so that they meet these characteristics. We also look for materials with natural antibacterial and anti-mite properties.

Natural and organic materials

Whether for babies, children or adults, the quality of sleep will always be better on a mattress made from natural fibers. In fact, it's always healthier to sleep on a natural mattress than on petrochemical derivatives.


Certifications are essential to ensure your child's safety. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is the benchmark textile certification guaranteeing that your mattress or bedding contains no hazardous chemicals. Kadolis obtained its certificate in 2017 for the strictest level of requirement: product class 1 - Articles for babies and young children. It's important to make sure your child's mattress has this certification to give him or her a safe night's sleep.

The advantages of our best children's mattresses in natural materials

The Chanvrenatura mattress

This Chanvrenatura® children's mattress, with its hemp core, coconut fibers and two layers of latex on each side, offers a soft, supportive feel. This evolutionary children's mattress adapts to your child's growth, thanks to its two sides of sleeping comfort, one firm side (3 cm of latex) recommended for young children aged 3 to 8, and the other offering softer support (6 cm of latex) for children aged 8 to teens. With a TENCEL™ and linen cover and organic wool filling, the Chanvrenatura® mattress is the most natural in our range.

Chanvrenatura® children's mattresses

  • Natural and more local materials
  • Maximum comfort
  • Low carbon footprint
  • No glue or chemical treatment

The Cocolatex mattress

This is a 100% natural mattress and the breathable mattress par excellence! Its core is made up of a succession of layers of coconut fiber and latex (millefeuille style) that guarantees perfect air circulation and an all-natural anti-allergic and anti-bacterial aspect. The cover of the children's mattress is made of TENCEL™ to improve temperature regulation. Thanks to the cocolatex children's mattress, children sweat much less than on a conventional mattress and sleep better. A children's mattress guaranteed free of chemical treatments.

COCOLATEX children's mattress

  • Choice of filling materials
  • Natural materials
  • Removable covers
  • Exceptional comfort