Having your baby sleep on his back is the safest position recommended by pediatricians. Parents are sometimes tempted to have their baby sleep on his or her side if he or she has breathing difficulties due to a cold, or if the newborn suffers from digestive problems. Rather than forcing baby to sleep on his side, it is better to leave him on his back and raise his upper body.

The slope makes it easier for baby to breathe when he has a cold

The slope is much more than a pillow and is completely safe for baby. It is a block of high quality foam, inclined to raise the upper part of the child's body. It is specially designed to offer baby an ideal inclination to provide a comfortable sleeping position. The Kadolis reclining surface offers a 15° inclination, sufficient to improve the comfort of the toddler without being too important. A slope greater than 15° would make baby "slide" at the foot of the bed!
In this position, slightly inclined, the airways are better cleared and breathing is easier.

Don't forget, of course, to clean your child's nose several times a day when he has a cold, because he obviously can't blow his nose by himself! Use saline solution or a seawater spray (ask your pharmacist for advice) and rinse both nostrils as soon as you feel that he is having trouble breathing and, of course, before putting him to bed.

Improve baby's digestion with a slope

When the child is prone to spit-up, the elevated position helps improve digestion. Babies who have difficulty digesting may find the lying position slightly uncomfortable, causing spit-up or tummy aches.

When your baby's upper body is elevated with a slope, digestion is easier and spit-up is less frequent.

However, if your baby suffers from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), keep him in your arms for a few minutes after feeding, in a reclined or upright position, so that he can have a proper burp before going back to sleep.

Which recliner should I choose for my baby?

To ensure your child's safety and a perfect recline, choose a recliner specially designed for babies. There are several sizes available, adapted to each size of bed. At Kadolis, you will find reclining surfaces for cribs, reclining surfaces for 60x120 cm beds and reclining surfaces for 70x140 cm beds

Preferably choose a removable model so that the cover can be washed regularly.as for mattresses and bed linen, it is preferable to choose a reclining bed made of natural materials and without chemical treatment in order to guarantee a healthier sleep for baby.

the Kadolis recliners are covered with a removable cover made of Aloe Vera, a natural substance that has been proven to be effective for skin care.Aloe Vera takes care of sensitive and reactive skins, it is particularly suitable for atopic skins prone to eczema.