Some parents do it regularly, some dream about it without ever taking the plunge, others find it inconceivable... Going on holiday without your children can sometimes be beneficial for everyone!

Going on holiday without your children allows you to rest, because even if you love your children more than anything else, you have to admit that being a good mother, a good cook, a good housewife and a good wife all at the same time is a bit tiring... So taking a few days off alone or as a couple allows you to regenerate and come back in great shape! Because you mustn’t forget that to be a "super mom", you must first and foremost be happy and rested.

But to leave with peace of mind, it is imperative to entrust your children to someone you can trust: grandparents, aunts and uncles or even very good friends. The ideal for the little ones is not to change their habits too much so as not to disturb their rhythm.

To prepare for the separation, certain precautions should be taken so that everyone is serene:

Talk to your child about these future holidays, even if he is very small, he is able to understand. Often parents feel guilty about leaving their children and avoid talking about it in advance. On the contrary, talk about it and banish the "We’ll tell him at the last minute, otherwise he’ll worry...".

Prepare a list of your child’s habits for the people who look after him so that he can keep a certain ritual that will reassure him, especially at bedtime to ensure a good night’s sleep: a bath, a story, a cuddle and sleep!

Remember to leave the health booklet, possibly the list of medicines to be given and all the telephone numbers to call in case of emergency. Don’t imagine the worst, but it’s always when you’ve planned everything that nothing happens!

Don’t forget the cuddly toy, that famous "transitional" object that helps fill the parents’ void.

Don’t feel guilty, it’s normal to need to rest, to be together as a couple and it’s not because you’re going to leave for a week without children that you’re a bad mother. One last piece of advice if the guilt is really too strong: take your children with you!