Many parents hesitate to travel with a baby under 3 months old, they wonder if the child will be able to handle the trip, if it is reasonable to travel with such a small baby... But it is often easier to travel with a newborn than with an older child! What are the best destinations and what precautions should you take to ensure that your holiday does not turn into a nightmare?

Before the age of 12 or 18 months, it is preferable to choose a destination where the climate is temperate, as excessive heat or, on the contrary, extreme cold can be dangerous for toddlers. It is also advisable to avoid destinations with a high risk of malaria and gastroenteritis. As a general rule, it is advisable to avoid destinations that are too far away.

For those who prefer the mountains, do not go too high with a baby, the best is not to exceed 1500 meters of altitude.

Travelling by plane: for this mode of transport, it is preferable to wait until baby is 3 weeks old and especially until he has no cold or ear infection. To avoid pain in the eardrum, remember to make your baby drink during the take-off and landing phases, as swallowing will limit the pain.

Travelling by train: we don’t always think about it, but the acceleration of a train or the passage through a tunnel can, as in an aeroplane, cause pain in the eardrum. So always bring a bottle of water or breastfeed your baby to help him swallow. For a short journey, you can consider keeping baby in your arms, but for a longer journey, a car seat or a pram with a comfortable mattress should be provided.

Travelling by car: this is the most commonly used means of transport and the easiest for toddlers as it allows you to stop whenever you want. To guarantee baby’s safety, it is essential to install him or her in a car seat that complies with European standards and to install him or her in the passenger seat (remembering to deactivate the airbag) or in the back. Also remember to equip the car windows with sun visors, and in the event of hot weather, hang wet nappies on the windows, as this protects against heat stroke!

Wherever you go, think about the comfort of your baby during his sleep, choose a good travel mattress that is comfortable and easy to carry, which will follow you wherever you go.