You were proud of your little one, you had taken advantage of the beautiful sunny days to let him wander around in his panties and since this summer he was clean, but since the beginning of the school year in kindergarten he has been wetting his bed again and there are even some accidents during the day...

It is important to know that the start of the kindergarten season is a real event for the child, which can destabilize him/her: a new place, new rules, a teacher, "friends" who are not always friends... and then in the courtyard there are also adults who scream and throw the ball very loudly !

So unconsciously some children want to become a baby again and be cuddled in Mom’s arms and... they pee out of the pot again... This is called a secondary enuresis.

Explain that you understand his stress, spend time with him in the evening and on weekends, try to get him to express his anxiety in words or drawings.

This adaptation problem is usually temporary and everything returns to normal within a few weeks, but in the meantime, bring mattress pads to protect your mattress and be very patient! if the problem persists, talk to your doctor.