Like all good parents, you have probably leaned over your baby's bed to watch him sleep, and you have noticed that some sleep phases are far from calm. Baby moves, breathes loudly, makes noise, let's take stock of all the strange things baby does while sleeping...

Baby snores in his sleep

Does he take after his father? No, in fact in most cases he does not snore but he breathes loudly. This is quite normal, especially if he has a slight cold. Most of the time it is a question of his palate which is still very loose and which the child does not control yet, that is corrected with the passing of months. To distinguish between noisy breathing and snoring, you should know that noisy breathing can be heard when you are in the child's room. If it is heard through the closed door, it can be called snoring and in this case it is better to talk to your doctor.

Your baby is startled when he/she sleeps

You have noticed that your baby regularly jumps when sleeping, he makes sudden movements, as if he was falling into a hole. While he is comfortably installed on his mattress, your child suddenly spreads his arms and then brings them together. This is completely normal, it is the Moro reflex which is part of the baby's archaic reflexes and which generally disappears around the 5th month

In some cases, when the jolts are too strong, newborns wake up several times a night. To avoid the sudden movements of babies, swaddling can be the solution. This method consists of wrapping baby in a large swaddle to limit arm movements. Wrapped in this way, babies find a reassuring sensation as when they were in their mother's womb and sleep more peacefully.

Your child smiles and makes faces while sleeping

If you observe your child while he is sleeping you will notice that his face is not peaceful, he alternates grimaces and smiles, especially during the REM sleep phase. This phase of sleep is very close to wakefulness, during which baby makes a lot of faces: his eyes move, sometimes even turn up, he makes a pout, then shows a blissful smile. The mistake not to make is to believe that baby is suffering and to take him in his arms to console him, you would risk breaking his sleep rhythm, leave him in his bed!

He sleeps with his arms crossed!

It is common that, comfortably installed in his sleeping bag, baby sleeps with his arms spread out. If this position seems rather uncomfortable for adults, it is very popular with babies. Don't worry, with toddlers, sleeping with arms spread is a sign of well-being.