When baby arrives we tend to want to do too much, we get busy preparing the room, we redecorate the walls, we buy new stuffed animals, we invest in new furniture and dozens of toys. As a result, the baby’s room is filled with a multitude of things, most of the time useless.

When baby is very small, he does not need many things. He will spend a lot of time in his room because he will sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day. So what is really important is the bed. It is important to choose a good bed with bars equipped with a height-adjustable base, which can be lowered when baby is standing up. It is important to check that the paint used to decorate the bed is a special paint for children, without chemical solvents.

Once the bed has been chosen, it is important to choose a good mattress, if possible made of natural materials for a healthier bedding and good air circulation between the fibres in order to limit perspiration, but also the proliferation of dust mites and bacteria.

Once you have chosen your baby’s mattress, all that remains is to protect it with a PVC-free mattress protector. Opting for a breathable mattress cover means that baby will not sweat and will therefore be able to sleep better. The fitted sheet should preferably be made from Organic Cotton for extra softness.

To keep baby warm in bed, choose a sleeping bag that will keep him warm without hindering his movements, without him uncovering himself during the night, and above all so that he can sleep in complete safety. If possible, choose a sleeping bag made of a natural material that helps regulate the temperature.

Do not overload the baby’s bed with stuffed animals, only one stuffed animal has the right to sleep with baby: his blanket. The others must remain in the toy box.

You can set up a play area in a part of his room that he can enjoy when he is older, but the sleeping area must remain relatively uncluttered so as not to disturb baby’s sleep. For the child as for the adult, sleep is better in a clean, clear and tidy room than in a room where there is a multitude of useless things...