After champagne and petits fours to celebrate the New Year, comes the time for good resolutions: stop smoking, lose a few pounds, get back into sports, stop yelling at children... It should be noted that good resolutions are different according to each family situation, here is an excerpt from the resolutions made by young parents:

-That my child sleeps better and especially all night long is undoubtedly the parents’ main concern, so offer your baby a good quality mattress, adapted to his bed and if possible in natural materials, a beautiful sleeping bag that will form a cosy cocoon and allow him to rest without being too hot or too cold.

-To avoid that you and your baby need to change clothes just before leaving, avoid shaking your baby by dressing him, avoid stress and haste, perhaps by waking up 10 minutes earlier...

-Teach him to tidy up by turning this chore into a game, equip yourself with pretty storage boxes and play the one who tidies up the fastest!

-Even if women are known to be able to do several things at once, it is still difficult to prepare dinner, take care of the baby and call at the same time, try to plan things by reserving beaches "for you" where you can call quietly without being disturbed and therefore without getting angry!

And what good resolutions have you made for 2017?