The design of your baby’s room is an important step for parents, but be careful, don’t give in to all your desires for the design of your child’s room, don’t forget that it is above all about his space, and also know that this design can have an influence on the quality of his sleep.

1-Don’t position the crib behind the door... Like us, baby likes to see what’s going on around him... Have you ever tried to sleep or set up your desk behind a door?... It’s very unpleasant not to see if someone enters the room... Unconsciously this creates a feeling of insecurity that can create problems of falling asleep or waking up at night.

2-Don’t ruin yourself in lights: too much artificial light can interfere with baby’s sleep, and babies are not afraid of the dark, this fear appears around the age of 2 to 3 years, at which time you can invest in a night light that emits a soft light.

3- Avoid mobiles, which contrary to what we believe can frighten babies, if you absolutely want to decorate your baby’s room with a pretty musical mobile, don’t hang it just above your child’s head but rather at his feet.

4-Don’t overload the room’s decoration and make sure it stays tidy, as a messy room prevents baby from relaxing completely and can prevent him from sleeping.

5-Don’t mix your stuff with your child’s. The nursery should be his or her own space, a place where he or she feels at home, in complete safety.

6-Make a clean place in the crib, this space is not a play area, it must be exclusively dedicated to sleep, in the bed only the sleeping bag and the cuddly toy are allowed.