Sleeping with your child is a fairly common practice, especially when the child has just been born, and when babies cry a lot, especially at night, parents often have the reflex of putting their child in their bed to calm them down, especially during holidays when they are rented or in a hotel and when it is important not to make noise!

Shouldn’t this occasional practice during the holidays become a habit that the child will not be able to break when he/she returns home? It is difficult to know but in any case there are a few points to respect:

Make sure your baby is safe, because an adult bed is not made to accommodate a toddler, the density is not always adapted to the morphology of babies, when the child sleeps with his parents there is always a risk of choking, so choose an umbrella bed with a travel mattress or a cododo cradle placed just next to your bed, if you choose a bar bed or a net cot your child can see you through and you can even rock him without moving from your bed

Try to get baby to sleep away from your bed as much as possible so that neither you nor the child is bothered by breathing noises or movements, and yes, baby moves a lot during sleep and may keep you awake!

Holidays are often a time to get together as a couple, cut off from the hectic life and stress of work, it’s time to get together as a couple, sleep in or take a nap... So as long as baby is not in the same room!