The transition to winter time is always a difficult step, it slightly disrupts the sleep of the whole family, as well as the biological rhythm, in some cases the change of time can lead to fatigue, sleep disorders and loss of appetite in children... Some also speak of a loss of efficiency at work for adults...

To make this change of time as smooth as possible, it is first of all crucial not to be apprehensive, if you tell yourself that it will be difficult and that the whole family will be disturbed, you are already anticipating the problems ! prepare this change gently by postponing your waking hours by 10 minutes a day for the 6 days before, postpone the time of dinner and bed gradually promotes a better adaptation.

Positive and learn to take care of yourself, rediscover the cocooning moments of winter, equip yourself with a ultra soft plaidWrap yourself in your sofa with comforting herbal teas and hot chocolates ! increase the light sources inside the house to compensate for the loss of light during the winter season.

Take advantage of this opportunity to go to bed early and read before bed, banish television and other screens and teach your children to discover the pleasure of reading by snuggling up in a comfortable duvetan excellent way to promote sleep!