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The COCOLATEX® mattress is made of natural materials which, like all products that are not chemically treated, can release a slight natural odour. This odour usually dissipates with ventilation and use of the mattress.

If you notice this odour, we advise you to remove the mattress cover, ventilate it for 24 to 48 hours and have the cover washed in an ecological dry cleaner.

If, however, you notice that the smell does not dissipate and that it bothers you, please contact our customer service.

Here's our sizing guide to help you :

Mattress Comforter
60 x 120 => 75 x 120
70 x 140 => 100 x 140
90 x 190 => 140 x 200
140 x 190 => 220 x 240
140 x 200 => 220 x 240
160 x 200 => 240 x 260

To measure correctly, check the available space in your bed or cot and make sure you take off 1cm in length and width to get the final size of the mattress you want.

The thickness, on the other hand, is fixed.

If you can't enter the dimensions, it means that we unfortunately can't make this dimension.

TOG is a measure of the thermal capacity of a sleeping bag: the higher the TOG, the warmer it is.

Two TOGs are available:
TOG 1: Designed for rooms where the temperature is between 21° and 25°.
TOG 2.5: Suitable for rooms heated between 16° and 20°C.

Be careful not to confuse density with firmness.

In the baby mattress, the latex has a density of 90kg/m3 and the coconut fibre 48kg/m3.

In the junior and adult mattress, the latex has a density of 75kg/m3 and the coco layer 48kg/m3.

COCOLATEX® is a semi-firm mattress.

Yes, Kadolis baby mattresses are anti-suffocation tested in accordance with the legislative standards NF EN 16890 of April 2018.

No, all our products are certified and tested to guarantee natural, healthy sleep.