During the fall-winter period, some lucky people will have the chance to go to the mountains to hike, snowshoe, ski or just to change environment, breathe a purer air and admire beautiful landscapes. If this year baby is part of the adventure, some precautions should be taken.

Traveling to the mountains with baby

Gone are the days when you were a young couple and you went with friends, packing in a hurry. Now that baby is here, there are several things to consider. first of all in the choice of the destination, because before the age of one year it is preferable not to take baby beyond 1700 meters, because of the lack of oxygen. Choose family resorts where the equipment is designed to accommodate toddlers.

Before leaving, check that your child does not have an ENT problem, as altitude can aggravate certain hearing problems, in which case ask your pediatrician for advice.during the car trip, the altitude variations can cause pain in the ears of your baby. They do not have the reflex to swallow, so drive slowly, take a break every time you gain 300 meters of altitude and give them something to drink regularly.

Preparing baby's suitcase for winter sports

Preparing baby's suitcase can be a real headache. Of course, it is advisable to choose warm and comfortable clothes because unlike adults or children who warm up by moving, babies often stay still. So think about bringing a hat, mittens, warm socks and a fleece suit. Don't forget to bring quality sunglasses because in the mountains, the sun's reflection on the snow can damage the retina. Finally, spread sunscreen on all the parts that stick out!

Ask your doctor or pediatrician for a prescription so you can treat your baby for a fever.

What activities to focus on in the mountains with baby?

Plan short walks, with a baby it is preferable to take several half-hour walks rather than one long hike so that he does not stay outside too long and does not catch cold. Always remember that your baby moves much less than you do and therefore has less opportunity to warm up. Make sure that his extremities are well covered.

Choose a baby carrier in the front position, much more practical than a stroller in the snow! By keeping your baby close to you, you can easily keep an eye on him and he will also benefit from your body heat. The back position is not recommended because it is not suitable for toddlers and does not allow you to keep an eye on your child. Finally, don't forget to make your child drink regularly because even in the mountains you can get dehydrated quickly. Have a good vacation!