You sleep 8 hours a day but when the alarm clock rings you feel like you’ve just gone to bed, you’re still tired and you feel like you can’t recover... Maybe you have to ask yourself about the quality of your sleep... The experts from the American Sleep Foundation give some indications.

Sleeping well is not enough, but it is also necessary to have a restful sleep to be able to approach the day with a serene mind, but what is a good quality sleep?

A quick fall asleep

If you fall asleep in 5 minutes after touching the pillow no problem, but if it takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep you may already have doubts about the quality of your sleep because it takes the body between 15 and 30 minutes to relax and prepare for sleep, if you take longer it is first of all a sign that you can’t relax but you also lose time on your total sleep time. to improve things, try to do like babies, to set up a ritual

A sleep without night awakenings

Ideally, you should not wake up at all during the night, but if you wake up once or twice a night, it is not catastrophic; if you wake up more than 3 times a night, you lose a lot of sleep quality; if you wake up at night, avoid looking at the time so as not to increase stress and do not turn on the light, you will fall asleep more quickly; the longer the time of night waking is, the more important the effects on your waking up the next day.

The time spent in bed just to sleep!

Of course it is possible to practice multiple activities in bed... But be careful not to spend too much time there doing something other than sleeping, if you watch TV in bed, if you watch streaming series on your laptop in bed, if as soon as you wake up you spend time on your smartphone, then you spend too much time "out of sleep" in your bed, the bed must remain a place to sleep (and hug...) but in no case it must become a "place to do everything" sinks